A Frustrating Tech Support Call And How To Benefit From It

I had a tech support issue, and their response is typical as well as comical and the cause of a lot of frustration in our world. The tech support answer was so astounding, I realized the value in showing how a person looks when they do not read emails.

On the positive side, this situation is a perfect example of the failing and degradation of quality in our world which can help each of us pay more attention, a soft glove slapping you in the face.

I understand that the overload of work is possibly a good excuse, and this gives rise to an entire body of work to improve ourselves and the company if an intelligent manager would think about it and work on changing the corporate culture.

I am publishing this as a reminder of how bad one can look by not paying attention and thinking. This article will serve two purposes. First as a reminder to read and think, and even more valuable for anyone who will realise the profound power that any error can become a useful tool when an aware person thinks about how it can be used, in this case, as a lesson for everyone else.

David Samuel

For each video, there is a button to download it. … it just redirects my web browser to youtube to watch but does not download the video.

Tech Support  

Dear David,

Thank you for your participation with X! I’m sorry you’re having difficulty accessing the videos. As an alternative to watching the videos within your browser, we provide a download link to most videos. The download button should be there. On your courseware page, look below the video segment. You should see a link which says “download video here”.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you continue to have difficulty. Regards, X team

David Samuel

No offense, but if there is a course in reading english, I suggest you take that course.

Please read my email and then if you do not feel embarrassed, something is wrong.

I say that the download button does not work, and you tell me to look for and click on the download button as if i did not see it. Frankly, you have to feel pretty silly with that sort of a tech support reply.

Sorry to be so blunt, but if you read this objectively or get an honest friend to read the correspondence, I think you should take a serious look at your ability to read and process simple sentences, that is just too much for me to hold back on, especially since my work is in training people to be more present, aware and effective in their job.

Tech Support  

Dear David,

Thank you for your feedback. I apologize that I did not pay closer attention to what you wrote the first time around. We receive a large amount of emails on a daily basis and they usually consist of people not being able to download videos or not knowing how….

X team


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