A Heaven of Perpetual Virgins, Sex and God.

In the pursuit of truth and the hopeful clarification of the escalating lunacy that is pervading our world at present, cultivating a religious war of truly disastrous proportions, I offer you a touch of reality.

It is unlikely that many people other than Moslems will read the Koran. It is also unlikely that the Moslems who do read it have a true understanding of its deeper meanings. We can say the same for any religion, Jew, Christian, Buddhist etc. In all religions, no one seems to really know what the meaning of the original bible is, and are forced to live based on reading commentaries and explanations by the so called learned people.

Needless to say, if one person interprets the word of God, the masses will not get Gods meaning, but rather will get that persons opinion of Gods meaning. Hence a subjective opinionated view based on the interpreters subjective beliefs, ego/personality and imaginings. In the end, we are misled to a disastrous and monumental misunderstanding.

Probably, the most commonly used derogative view of Moslems today is the reference to the perpetual virgins in heaven. Regardless of my religious beliefs, I feel that this false concept needs clarification. Not only is this a false belief for non-Moslems, but it is a false belief that many Moslems themselves have. And in case you are not aware, perpetual virgins means that no matter how many times the man has that woman, she remains a virgin.

Let us now go to the Koran itself, rather than a commentary and interpretation. I will quote from a very knowledgeable scholar who has studied the Koran and it commentaries in their original languages. He has commented that in each century a new commentary comes out and they are all different. With each century, the interpretation of heaven gets better and hell gets worse. Although the original Koran has not changed, the commentaries and interpretations have.

chap. 44 vs. 54 (depending on what version of the Koran you use.)  “Allah will wed the righteous and the martyrs to the hur al-ein.”

ein = eye al-ein = the eye
HUR  could mean the black of the iris, which is so intense, that it makes the white part of the eye stand out so sharply,  and the total effect is very beautiful and seductive. 

As for “hur”  it’s origin is debated. Some say it may be a Persian word, though we can’t find any support for that view.  The theory of a Persian source seems unlikely,  but a Hebrew source is more plausible.
in Hebrew   SHA–HOR means black…  so the essence of HOR / HUR is SHAHOR.

Later, all accept it mean the beautiful eyes.
Other commentaries on the Koran relate HUR to HAYRA (confusion, bedazzlement), i.e., their beauty is so ravishing, you are literally entranced.

The problem is that no one really knows what HUR means. So we start off with a word that is not clear, and then place that in a sentence that is unclear.

Instead of perpetual virgins, the Koran says one of the gifts bestowed on the devoted in heaven is “Beautiful Eyes”. What are these “Beautiful Eyes”? No one really knows.

In my opinion, the beautiful eyes are so intense they mesmerize the devoted into a trance state in which he melts and joins with God in pure ecstasy, leaving all thoughts of himself behind as he falls into the bottomless depth of the blackness of the iris of the beautiful eyes, meaning merges in unity with God, or in Eastern terms, reaches Samadhi or enlightenment.

Of course, these eyes are not like our eyes, they are an image of seeing the soul of the person, and so the ‘beautiful eyes’ are the soul or infinite depth of God into which the devote falls eternally. Meaning we reach the deathless state of immortality when we leave our ego personality far behind and join with God, if we live a life devoted to God.

However, in later centuries, these other interpretations of virgins arose and the meaning has been distorted.

Humans have a flaw which is that they cannot live with the unknown, they must put their mind at ease and know what everything means. Even if the explanation is false, they prefer a lie to put their mind to rest.

Through time, as we know, people change any story. As well, we know that for all God given books, the so called scholars have tried to interpret and explain all things in those books, and of course the Koran is subject to that as much as the Talmud is the interpretation of the Old Testament and the many versions of the New Testament attempt the same thing.

The problem is that a man, or group of men, simple humans with a personality, ego and subjective opinions, discuss and bargain over what they think the meaning of Gods word is until they get a story that sounds good and sellable.

They had to come up with some explanation of what no one could understand. How would you explain one of the gifts of heaven being the Beautiful Eyes? What are these eyes? With such a confusing teaching, you may lose interest and not pray or follow a path to God.

Depending on the times, and it changes every century, the interpretations have come to feed the masses what they seek, and now it has come down to perpetual virgins as that is suitable to our world today.

How did they get perpetual virgins from beautiful eyes? Only humans could come up with that. The benefits of offering such a gift are obvious, you can get a guy to do anything with such a carrot dangled in front of him. But now I must stop you right here. Your subjective opinion of the original intention of offering that gift is not correct. There is the original and the current. You know the current, let’s examine the original.

A true religious believer in God would not care for such base pleasures, and that is the way to know if a man lives for God or for his penis. I say this so you will reconsider your views of people who claim to fight for Gods sake and do not confuse a love of God with a love of sex. Know your enemy and do not discard potential true friends.

It makes no sense that a teaching which says, as many others do, that our goal in life is to find God and yet when we get to heaven, God will give us such a distraction that it is impossible to find him.

I met a very wonderful old Moslem in Turkey, who was a Sufi of a very open mind. Ibrahim was a true man of God, and someone asked him why the men and women are separated in Moslem prayers. Ibrahim responded with pointing out how Moslems stand in rows and bow frequently when they pray, inevitably raising their bums in the air. “When we pray we should be thinking only of God. If a woman is standing in front of me, as we bow down, I won’t be thinking of God.”

What is the point? Think of God now, and when we get to His House, to forget him and just turn the place into a bordello? That makes no sense.

The Koran promises among other things, “Beautiful Eyes” and not virgins. But the commentaries written by men has thought of a way to encourage people to pray with burning desire, and build intense energy through the sexual drive. That was actually a very good idea.

In his book, “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill, makes specific mention of the power of sex transmutation. Not only in Mr. Hills book, but as well the concept that the sexual energy is the most powerful force in a human is well documented as being the power within highly successful people. The intense power of sexual desire opens a door to tremendous energy which when focused to any other desire can give a person incredible power and charisma to attract tremendous support and succeed at any goal.

This may even be what is behind the celibacy rules of some priesthoods and monastic orders. We have many opinions and commentaries, but we do not know the REAL original reason certain rules were implemented. It could very well be that long ago, the power of the sex drive was harnessed and focused to achieve any goal. The best way to accumulate more of anything is to stop spending and continue to build and save.

Sex transmutation is focusing the intense sexual energy to a goal other than sex.

Since the sexual energy is the strongest force a human being has, and it automatically self-produces, if it could be harnessed, any result could be achieved. Given that a person who devotes their life to finding God would do anything to achieve that goal, assuming they are serious about their goal, they would be willing to play with fire.

Some have been lost, and just become sex maniacs, and a very few others have stuck to their goal and built, retained and then focused that intense energy to give them mental powers that raise them to much higher levels. But like all things, over time the reason this practice began has faded away and it turned to a destructive end.

As for Islam, my theory is that someone had decided to activate the sexual energy in a culture that puts down the sexual drive. This was in order to give men the necessary power to put into their prayers. As you know in Islamic society, women are covered up so that they do not excite the sex drive in men. It was most likely determined that this aspect of the culture could not be change so quickly, so they came up with the promise of perpetual sex in heaven to excite men and get them to pray fervently. If anyone, man or woman, could pray with such power and devotion and desire, then anyone could achieve unity with God.

With that experience of Unity, the sexual desire would no longer rule our human life and we could live with true wisdom of God. Therefore fire was used to cook and not burn, then it could be safely extinguished.

So the idea was a good one, but like most good ideas, failed and turned destructive. Its wrong turn was partially because humans will normally take anything to its lowest level, and mainly because some smart guys got the idea to use this to control the masses and get them to do anything they wanted.

Do you know the definition and true meaning of the word, ‘mysticism’? Mysticism is the study of the hidden mysteries, commonly seen as spiritual teachings. Why would these teachings be kept hidden or secret and reserved for only the select few? Because a teaching like this, to use the power of the sexual drive and energy as the rocket fuel to take your mind and spirit beyond the limitations of this material world and find God can be so distorted by people who have not cultivated a high enough level to understand its deeper meaning, that we end up blowing each other up.

Mysticism is to protect humans from themselves. If you are not ready, fire will burn the house down rather than cook your food and keep you warm. Isn’t that why we tell our children not to play with matches?

Living to die and be reborn as master of an eternal bordello is as ridiculous as believing that God would make such a promise.

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