A Prince On The Garbage Dump

In many mystical teachings there is a common thought which, if you think about it, may help you get a better grip on your life.

Here are a few different lines, read each one on its own, and then see how they all come together like pieces of a jigsaw:

* God created all creatures equal, except man. To man, He gave freedom of choice.

* Man is created in the image and form of God. Man is a perfect copy of all the attributes of God but to become what he is created to be, he must use free will, as that is the only attribute that makes man superior to the animals and angels.

* Man is superior to the angels because angels are ruled by what they are created to do, like animals, they have no choice other than to follow their nature.

* God created evil deliberately so that man could have the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice and free will.  Those are the qualities that God gave man, which make man superior to all other beings, but if man does not use these qualities, he is nothing more than an animal. 

* God gives the most difficult life to the one He loves the most.   (This is so that we can exercise our free will and do what it takes to deal with and overcome the difficulties or resist temptation of stealing etc.)

These are some excerpts from mystical teachings which explain why the world is the way it is and why we can mess up our life, or have a better life.

Many of the troubles in your life are your opportunity to raise yourself from a human animal to a god. I am not comfortable with applying this to someone who has cancer or some terrible disease, as I am not so certain about the need for such a terrible condition.

For the rest of us, we are basically a prince or princess who is playing in the garbage dump outside our palace. We can easily get back in the palace and be in the clean environment, but we choose to sit and wait for someone to come and pick us up and carry us inside.

The problem is that since no one knows where we are, or even that we are missing, no one is looking for us, so we will sit in the dump our whole life unless we get up, clean ourself up, and go back in to the palace by ourself.

We have no handicaps or chains binding us to the dump, there is no excuse for us to sit there, other than we are not using our free will and choosing to take the actions necessary. 

All it takes is getting up and doing what is required: Using our free will to do the tasks at hand rather than avoiding them.

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  1. Kurt Sykes October 27, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    This is a very clever piece! I’ve not long been reading your thoughts and points of view on certain things in life, and on our everyday living, but I am going to do more research in-to your thoughts and work as they are very helpful. Good work! 🙂

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