A Shocking And Disturbing Reality About Low Self-Esteem

People will never change if they think they are alright. This is simply logical, why put in effort to fix what is not broken. We must see and realize that it is NOT alright to accept anything and everything. To accept mediocrity and negativity negates the possibility of progress.

This applies to being short changed in a store, or being sold inferior quality products, or inadequate service, right through to the quality of your own character, skills, abilities and self-esteem. Here we will discuss a different view of the plague of low self-esteem.

If you do not progress you will get depressed and feel unworthy simply because you are going against nature in the process of growth and evolution. Every living thing in nature grows and if we accept mediocrity then we will not be growing and thus going against nature. If you are meant to grow and go against nature, you will die. That is natures way of maintaining a strong healthy environment, survival of the fittest.

Since humans have freedom of choice to a certain degree, we have found ways to delay, not avoid, natures cleansing power. Hence the stress related diseases, other illnesses and disasters that nature is bringing upon us. It is a cleansing process so that humanity along with the planet can evolve and grow. This is just a concept, of course we simple humans can never fully understand the ways and reasons for the actions of Nature.

In New Zealand, and perhaps other countries, the school system has done away with exams, there is no longer a pass or fail. Failing is deemed politically incorrect. If there is no pass or fail, there is no point to work hard, no point to put in effort, no point to learn. This is against nature, it is stagnation and not at all progress.

This attitude and culture must inevitably lead to apathy. Apathy leads to stagnation, and stagnation is against nature. Nature must remove stagnant material and this is why our world is in the situation it is in. Individuals cannot change the world unless they themselves have changed. The social system of political correctness and backwards attempts to make life better are all weakening the individuals and effectively the species.

It is clear, the amount of depression, apathy, lack of hope in the youth of our modern society is balanced by growth in crimes, gangs and mass violence. It does not take much thought to see that there can be no other reason to join a group which encourages you to blow yourself up, taking as many other people with you as you can, unless you find no other purpose in life.

These atrocities are perhaps instigated by nature. I know that sounds strange but think about it from Nature’s point of view. Allow me to present Mother Nature so she can tell her story;

“I need movement, I need humans with the energy to take responsibility for their actions and lives so they will learn, grow and evolve into stronger individuals. Humans are working towards making their species lazy and wimpy by accepting mediocrity and not putting in any effort to think, destroying the competitive nature. They are becoming hopeless and depressed, with low self-esteem that makes them lost and lonely. This has to change. I have sent new diseases and spread them globally to help shock them, I have allowed terrible illnesses to grow without cures to wake them up and value their precious life, I am turning the planet upside-down with what humans call natural disasters, but are just movement.”

“But they will not change on their own despite all these encouragements. Rather they are changing their society to make themselves even more weak by taking away the education of initiative and individuality. So I tried turning them against each other. Balance must be maintained but if it is not in the individual, then severe weakness in one group will be balanced out by severe violence in another. This is how the weak will wake up and positive movement will return.”

“Individuals of strong character who strive to improve themselves and teach the young how to be strong and work hard will bring peace to the planet.”

Thank you, Mother Nature, for that little explanation of what is behind these turbulent times.

Start with yourself, see other people lost in their negativity and apathy and be filled with fear of becoming that way yourself. Let that fear propel you to stay awake and continue changing, as fear is a great motivator. Be fearful of being swept away in a river of craziness to be dropped over a massive waterfall and crippled on the rocks below. Take control of your life, do not follow the crowd and accept what is given if it is of poor quality, especially in your education and character, your very self.

Work towards educating the world, go against the political correct attitude of keeping everyone so weak that a simple word can make them fall to pieces in depression. Work against the ease of antidepressant medication as the cure and put in the effort to change yourself into a person worthy of being respected.

It is not difficult to do this, we all know right from wrong, we all know when we made a mistake or could work harder, we all know that words have no value other than which we give them in our own mind. We all have the power to be masters of our life, living a full and happy productive satisfying life filled with love and joy, we just have to use that power by standing up and getting to work on our self. Take the initiative and challenge rather than go with the flow.

If you speak and I react to what you say, then you are in control of my life.
But if you speak and I do not react automatically without giving it objective thought to determine it’s true value before I react, then my life is under my control.

You can think what you want,
That will not change my life.
What I think CAN change my life,
However, thinking alone may not change anything.
Only by thinking combined with my actions WILL.

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