Aim and Your Essential Nature

Much has been said about the importance of having an aim to give direction to your life for you to progress with your work. If you do not have an aim, nothing in your life can progress. Your aim is the engine which drives the entire vehicle.

It is not only having any aim, it is having a correct and appropriate aim for your essential nature.
Essential nature is not just the personality nature, it is your basic underlying character from birth which includes your affinities, aversions and basic natural skills. Everyone has some basic natural talent that they are better at than other things and will give them more fulfilment and greater joy than doing anything else.

Your aim does not necessarily have an obvious and direct correlation to your basic essential nature. If your aim does not suit your essential nature, it will not meet the purpose of an aim towards living a fulfilled, satisfying life and benefit the other aspects that you are trying to develop.

Having a wrong aim can be used as a means of determining what is wrong with your life, why you are not achieving your goals or why do things keep going wrong. First ask yourself if you have an aim. If the answer is yes, the next question is if your aim is suitable to your essential nature. If you do have an aim and things are not working out well, then your aim is not suitable.

Now we must explore your essential nature in order to find the appropriate aim. We do this by analysing the aim you have chosen. What are your reasons behind choosing that aim? Why do you want to achieve it and what will it bring you? Is this an aim to avoid some pain or suffering that you may have endured in the past or fear enduring in the future?

This examination can actually help you discover your essential nature by no longer misleading the assumption that you are in touch and aware of it because you have a clear aim. That aim is inappropriate for you so it actually tricks you away from going deeper into finding the appropriate aim for your life.

The reason people frequently pick the wrong aim is because one of the greatest fears people have is to have no aim, goal or purpose. That fear which comes from the essential truth that every human must have a purpose and some reason to live, makes us pick and believe in any aim we can get in order to have that need satisfied. Of course, since that aim is not appropriate to our nature, it does not satisfy us.

This is shown and proven by the myriad of groups, clubs and associations. In the United States they actually have a catfish association to propagate how wonderful catfish are. People will jump on and get involved in anything just to say they have an aim and feel satisfied. Life remains essentially unfulfilled unless you then take the next step of self destruction and deception away from growth and evolvement. That is to shut down your awareness completely and build up self lying to such a degree that you convince yourself that you are satisfied with the aim of propagating how beautiful catfish are.

Eventually you get so used to the pain of emptiness of having no purpose, but having convinced yourself that you do have purpose, you go through life in this numb state and accepting that is normal and how life should be, when the truth is quite the opposite. Life can be extremely invigorating and fulfilling. Of course it can also be miserable, all depending on if you go along with your nature or go against it.

We are now faced with the next problem of this choice, which is the choice to become aware and awake. Finding your essential nature and true aim, is very difficult and takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifice which you may not be willing to undergo. Given that, people would rather stick with a false aim and ignore their essential nature, and just eat the food until they die. The choice is up to you.

By now you should be asking what you can do. That is what we teach in this school and this work is for those people who are serious about change, basically have had enough of life in a dull state of existence, ready to give up but know there is more and are willing to do what it takes to find that.

The only exercise I can give you in this lesson is to, ‘ask’.

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