An Inspiring Story Of The Universe Delivering

An inspiring story and excellent example of the principles, “When the need arises, the solution appears.” as well as another saying, “If the solution is not clear, increase the need and that will draw a better solution quicker.”

An immigrant family had rented a house. They love their life in their new country and never want to leave, however their work permit was still temporary in the immigration process. The permit was set to expire and they waited anxiously to hear if it will be extended.

The decision was taking much longer than expected and finally they gave notice to the landlord that they have to vacate the house to find cheaper accommodation since they may not be able to work as the temporary permit is about to expire and they have not received the extension, which was already a month overdue.

They held on as long as they could and at the last day, the husband and wife quit their jobs since they could no longer work legally and gave final notice to vacate the home in 2 weeks.

Within two hours of giving their notices, now in desperate need as they now have no job and soon no home, they received confirmation that their work permits have been extended for 2 more years.

They immediately recovered their jobs and told the landlord they will stay on.

The solution only appeared when there was an intense emotion that was strong enough because they faced total loss.

The lesson is that you many THINK you feel strongly about something, but in fact it is not nearly strong enough to make the Universe, and one may say an even greater power, the immigration department of a government, deliver on their desires.

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