Anatomy Of The Mind

I have created a new model of the mind and personality, The Anatomy of the Mind.

A Power Point slide show combines with a book breaking down the aspects of the personality depicted analogically as Organs in the body of the Mind.

We begin with Original Creation of All Things and the creation of the individual Soul showing how the Soul relates to and interacts with All Things. Once individualized, the Soul forms into the person you are.

I have divided the Mind into 14 ‘organs’ showing their natural positive qualities and how they have atrophied into a negative toxic state.

The accompanying book explains the two sides of the positive and negative states of the organs along with how to bring each organ into a healthy condition. The results of this program will deliver a mind and personality which is free and flexible in all situations making your life positive and balanced.

A key factor is by depicting character traits in the form of organs in a body, we see how each organ interacts with each other in the same way our physical organs interact within our body. Often our reactions are hard to understand because we see one reaction but it is due to a combination of conditions. Those conditions are the combination of several organs interacting to provide the outward reaction. This explains why a person could be very calm in general but have moments of emotional explosions quite out of character. It is a matter of several organs interacting.

When we understand the different organs individually, we can deal with out of place reactions without creating a series of negative repercussions which can destroy an otherwise good relationship.

Clearly understanding how we react to situations, our reactions can lead to better outcomes in the future instead of dramas and disasters.

Please visit the Books page of this website to purchase.

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