Angry People Are Just Barking Dogs

When someone is yelling at you, for any reason, if you can see the truth that they are full of pain and problems, everyone is, then you will not take it personally and get yourself upset and stressed.

It will also help you discover who you really are if you reflect on what is behind your getting angry or impatient with other people. What problems in your life are you really venting.

Life is only painful and stressful because we are hiding from the truth, about ourself and about others.

Life generally sucks for most people. If you are objective, you can see that it is more troubles and problems than good stuff, other than for a lucky few. This pain and often feeling of hopelessness, is very stressful and that pain makes people act no different than animals.

When an animal is caught in a trap and in pain, and you try to help it be free, it will bite and attack you. Humans are no different. When we suffer, we bark and bite.

To see this and accept it is the flourishing of compassion for other people, is the end of a large part of you own stress and anger, is acceptance of reality, is wisdom, and most valuable, is the discovery of the truth of your own nasty actions, which then relieves guilt.

Happiness is so simple to achieve by removing the illusions that people are out to get you when they are just crying in pain.

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