Being Alone Can Be The Best

Being alone can be the best or the worst, it depends on if you are empty or full.

To be alone and have nothing to do can be a wonderful feeling without any obligations or stresses. But if that space is empty, it soon becomes painful, so we seek activities or someone to be with to fill that pain.

But if you have emptied yourself in a certain way, and filled that empty space with an awareness that is broad, reaching far beyond your own ego, personality and environment, you will find a tremendous satisfaction in emptiness, which becomes fullness.

The first step is to be truly empty. Being empty does not mean avoiding life’s obligations, because you will always have a lot of things occupying your life. What we want is to replace the unconscious accumulated clutter in our mind by consciously filling our mind and life with other activities.

The idea is that our mind is very filled with clutter, so when we try to do nothing, it becomes a painful emptiness because we are in need of the clutter we usually have. Since it is all unconscious, we do not see the mental clutter, and we just feel pain.

If we consciously get active and fill our life with things we choose, specifically changing our habits and pastimes and even our unconscious or simple daily chores, to be done in a way to be very aware of what we are doing, we then become filled with conscious awareness, and a lot of activities.

Replace unconscious preoccupations with conscious occupations. When your mind is finally filled with things you are present and aware of, you can begin to empty your mind and life, consciously, because you know exactly what is in it since you put it there.

If you are strong enough to endure the void and release of the activities and busy life you created, you will find the vacuum automatically and naturally gets filled with an open awareness and sense of presence. The emptiness becomes more full and satisfying than anything you have ever known or imagined.

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