Abandonment And Lost Motivation

The greatest need is that of companionship. Among others, one reason is that if we are in need and alone, who will be there to take care of us. In many cultures, people live their life to marry and have many children so that there will be someone there to take care of them when […]

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Why Do We Make Ourselves Lose?

Do you have what you could almost call a habit of making decisions that are disastrous? It could be about anything, choosing the wrong person to date, the wrong turn while driving, picking out cloths that when you get home do not fit or look good, or even bigger things like always making bad investments? […]

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Energy Cannot Be Destroyed, It Can Be Released. Finding The True Purpose Of Our Existence

Humans are supposed to be a spark of God, of the Divine Light, yet we are far from that realization or living as that. An intellectual acceptance is like a load of books on a donkey, having no impact on the mind of the donkey. All things on earth and in the material universe are […]

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The Need Is To Speak, The Real Need Is To Be Heard

To solve any problem, we must find the ultimate cause, the true source of the problem. Most people have some sort of emotional problem, which can be connected to feeling alone or abandoned in some way. Some people are very quiet and do not speak at all, but many need to talk, at times excessively. […]

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Catch The ‘No’ Preceding The ‘Yes’

Have you noticed how people respond to questions or comments with; “No, yes it is…”  People often respond initially with a negation even when the answer is affirmative. For example, you may say; “That is a very nice shirt.” And the response will be; “No, yes it is very comfortable.” I asked a friend from […]

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Remedy For Feeling Like A Failure And Depressed

If you ever feel like a failure in your life, that you failed in accomplishing anything significant and are therefore worthless to any degree, do this little calculation. The world today is all about encouragement, positive reinforcement, that anyone can do anything, which is simply a guarantee for disappointment since we are not all capable […]

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How Guilt Works and How to Never Be Manipulated By It Again

The greatest and most powerful tool, or weapon, in the art of manipulation is guilt. There is nothing stronger as a method of making the innocent feel that they are responsible for something they had nothing to do with than laying on a good guilt trip. Everyone knows about guilt and hates feeling guilty, yet […]

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The Many Prisons Of Life

Many prisons trap us, the first is the most obvious, poverty. Poverty obviously limits your capacities of freedom to do what you want, to buy what you need, and of course to have the freedom to spend your time as you want instead of having to work all the time to pay the bills while […]

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We Are Not Driven, We Are Propelled. How To Achieve Your Goals

It is very common that we get a goal and have a desire, feeling driven to achieve. Yet we often just drop it and give up. For some people, this is such a common occurrence that their self-esteem deteriorates and they start to feel very discouraged. This article will explain why we get heated up […]

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Everything Happens For A Reason, Or, Does It?

I disagree with the concept that everything happens for a reason. I think that everything just happens and we give it meaning by our response to what happens. The river flows with fresh water. We give it meaning by taking a bucket and collecting the water to drink, otherwise, if we let it flow without […]

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