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No, It’s Not All Good

The common saying that is meant to encourage a positive happy attitude towards all things in the life is actually counter productive. To try and convince yourself that ‘it’s all good’ when you work for a charity helping the poor, or defend an equal rights movement, or something of that nature, shows that you know […]

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How To Correct Injustice; Positive And Effective Change

This article is about the common frustration of facing someone who is doing something you consider very wrong, either to you or in general. When faced with a situation in which someone is cheating or hurting you, and you feel a tremendous injustice is done, leaving you very confused by the incomprehensible actions of that […]

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Who Is Really Out To Get You

At some times, perhaps many times in our life, we all feel that God or some demon is out to get us. I certainly have been thoroughly convinced of this myself very often for many decades. I have also figured out that anyone who thinks or says; ‘what about me’, in so doing, counteracts any […]

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You Can’t Rely On Anyone, Or Can You?

This article is about a very good example how an essential truth of life can be imprisoning or liberating. If you can take this article for the lesson it delivers, and take it as a principle to apply to all things in life, to be able to see everything from a good as well as […]

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I Am Me, But I Am Not Me

This  is the secret to balancing the never ending pursuit of self-improvement without having low-self esteem, self-hatred and negative emotions. Objectively speaking, the human being is quite frankly not something to be proud of. our body is very delicate and very dirty in many ways. It eats and desires things that harm others and the […]

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Everything Is Relative

Everything is relative. Understanding each other depends on the principle of relativity. What is right or wrong, rich or poor, feeling good or bad, it is all relative. But there are other dimensions to relativity. Age, social class, country, culture, being single or married, having children, the health and character of those children, ones ambitions […]

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For Any Belief Or Opinion, There Is Always Something Equally Valid Which Contradicts It

In life, for every opinion that is completely valid, there is always an opposite opinion that is equally valid. Knowing and accepting that, we can always be free of conflict. Burping. In Asia burping is not even noticed, people burp out loud at the dinner table, in public, no problem. But in the west, oh […]

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How Hopelessness Brings Infinite Happiness

When anyone asks; “How are you?” I am always well. The secret to always being happy is to have nothing you want to do. This is the essence of the Buddhist teaching that all suffering is caused by desires. The more we desire, the more we suffer, either through lack of what we desire or fear […]

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The Comfort In Discomfort

If you feel totally comfortable in your life, then something is wrong because it is not possible to feel perfectly and totally comfortable. The reason is simply that perfect comfort is a state that you would never leave or change and that means we stop moving, thus is it contrary to nature and nothing totally […]

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Why We Resist Change

Many people do not like change.  They just don’t like it and are not sure why or cannot even begin to come up with a reason, they just don’t like change, it upsets them.  In the hopes of eliminating yet one more frequently repeated negative state  which limits the potential of ones  life, we shall […]

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