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Is Life Pointless? Here Is A Possible Point

Many people get the feeling that everything in life is just an empty waste of time, totally futile. So much of our time spent on empty interactions, work to make money just to pay taxes and survive, etc. is just a waste of time and effort, given the inevitable end. This is a very depressing […]

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What Drives Me Crazy About People

I have experienced too many times and have heard from so many other people about conversations that went inexplicably wrong. You may meet someone, have a conversation, even by text or email, and all of a sudden with tremendous ease and agility that you had no idea you possessed, your foot ended up in your […]

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Are Muslim Immigrants Humble Guests Or Aggressive Invaders

With all the uproar about how the world is changing to conform with the demands of immigrant Muslim demands, I felt it was the right time to make a statement. Feel free to distribute this article as you wish. There are many examples such as creating special time slots for swimming pools and sports games, […]

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Life Is Suffering, Suffering Is Caused By Desires, Or Maybe Not

The title of this article is a basic principle of Buddhist teachings. The common interpretation is that unfulfilled desires cause pain and suffering. This is very easy to understand, that desires themselves are the cause of suffering and we have to remove all desires to end suffering. However, I have a different view of this […]

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How To Know The Truth Is The Real Question

Asking for the truth is the ultimate question but first we have to know how to know it. The way is through direct experience by our objective observation of our self. Can you see how subjective you are in your view of everything you encounter.  How everything you hear about you fit into your previous […]

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Nobodys Perfect

Everyone accepts that nobody’s perfect and it is impossible for anyone to be perfect. At the same time, almost everyone would like to know and be in unity with God, or whatever term you use for what you perceive as a greater being. The problem is that God is perfect and there is no way […]

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How To Stop Being Hurt By Other People

There is a saying, look to yourself for the cause and solution to all your problems. This is a very interesting saying because it has many meanings. The first is the obvious, to see what you have done wrong to cause the problem. This is easy to apply, see what you did and accept responsibility […]

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Gain And Loss, All Things Come And Go

There is a world of difference between running towards God and running away from the world. If you find the world empty of value, void of meaning beyond the very short and temporary life span of a human being, and this causes you to turn towards a spiritual life, leaving the material world for the […]

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The Body And Wisdom Minds Fight, The Ego Mind Is The Servant

This article will be of much greater value if you have read my little eBook, “All IS Mind” available on or have taken the course. However, even if you have not, you may find great value in what is written. Briefly to give people unfamiliar with this work enough background to understand it, one […]

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I Create, Devils or Angels

We all want to create, but we cannot all just be creative, yet. We must first be capable of creating wisely and of a quality that is beneficial in order to satisfy our creative nature and drive. If not, we may create things that are harmful to others or ourselves. When people say they just […]

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