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About Your True Purpose

Many people are focused on finding their true purpose or life purpose. They spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to find their true purpose, but never get it no matter what methods they try. My best advice is to forget it and give up because you will never find your true purpose. […]

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It’s All About Love

It is clear that an accepted belief these days is that all is love. That all things exist because of love. In Sufism, we say that God is love and out of God’s love all things have come into being. So nothing exists save love. It is also commonly accepted that very few people know […]

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Prison Break

The only way to be truly free is to accept your prison, be that in the society or in your own mind. In that acceptance, you have released your resistance. By releasing your resistance, you become free. Negative emotions and resistance is a denial of the objective reality of the situation and that is a […]

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Your Moods are 100% Determined by Your Thoughts

Your thoughts control your moods. This is simply the way it is, we must think, or something must reach our intellectual mind to be processed and understood before we can feel anything. If someone insulted you in a language you do not understand, however they put on a sweet face and gentle voice, you would […]

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Know the Meeting Point to Understand All Problems

As long as there is more than one thing involved in any situation, and there always is, they have a point at which they meet. This meeting point is often overlooked or simply not recognized that it exists, and so problems are difficult to solve and conflicts grow because the true cause is not known. […]

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The Truth About Forgiveness, How To Really Forgive Permanently

Forgiveness is a very popular concept. Everyone who is interested in self healing and personal development is talking about forgiveness and how that is being compassionate etc. However, many people find it difficult or impossible to truly forgive. Some people may think they have forgiven, but a little inquiry and you will find that they […]

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A Living Teacher or Acceptance

The Sufis say that the way to find God is either through a living teacher or, failing that, is through acceptance. Acceptance of all things that come to you without judging them. The way of accepting all things without complaining or feeling bad is to know that the reason these difficulties exist is so that […]

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Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones, But Names Can Never Hurt You

There is so much truth to that saying, we all heard it, and now as adults, how many of us actually understand it and have it as part of our lives. But on the other hand, when a mystical teaching tells us to acquire equanimity and not be affected by other peoples empty comments, all […]

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Nothing Is Only About You

People relate all events that effect them in any way as if they have come to be just for them, as if it has not only anything, but everything to do with you. We indirectly believe that God, the universe, or other people are doing what they do specifically just for us. Stop imagining that […]

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How To Get An Objective Point Of View

To succeed in life, both in the world of business, relationships and other things, as well as succeed in the inner world, the spiritual world, you must learn to accept reality and your actions as they are without trying to make things fit your imagination. Attain an objective view of reality. This is the biggest […]

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