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Getting Your Business And Life Going

If you find yourself going in circles and not getting anywhere with your life, personal or business, this article will help give you the power to break the endless loop. Look at every part of whatever you want to do and find the part or parts that are being done wrong. For example, if it […]

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Looking For Something To Do

My articles are written from my thoughts and feelings. I do not write for the sake of anyone other than expressing what I know and hope that it may be of help for someone else. My recent article Is It Depression Or Boredom is very relevant to me now. I am looking for something to […]

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Aim and Your Essential Nature

Much has been said about the importance of having an aim to give direction to your life for you to progress with your work. If you do not have an aim, nothing in your life can progress. Your aim is the engine which drives the entire vehicle. It is not only having any aim, it […]

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The Ultimate Mastermind Group

Religion. What better proof of the power from the combined force of large numbers of people for a single goal or purpose is there than religions. In a religion, everyone believes in one god, or Christ or idol. That works for sports, music, or movie stars equally to false teachers and big name gurus. The […]

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How To Make A Successful MasterMind Group

The principle of the Mastermind group is well known by many people and there are many groups that have been formed under the premise of mastermind support groups, but they rarely if ever deliver a successful outcome. I have seen many of these groups and they have one thing in common, they are very short […]

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How Making Decisions Relates To Depression And Happiness

Scientific studies show that people who feel they have no control over their life are more prone to depression, but people who feel they have control over their life in general are happy and positive. Therefore we can say in a generality that a feeling of lack of control leads to depression. We liken the […]

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The Use Of Intuition In Business And Relationships, How To Strengthen That ‘Gut Feeling’

The greatest successes in business and life in general usually come from a decision based on a ‘feeling’. That gut instinct when you just know something is right, or wrong, is usually correct, but all too often, recalled only after we made the wrong decision. When I began investing in the stock and Forex markets, […]

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New iPhone Game To Develop Intuition

My latest project is now completed. I have designed an iPhone application game with the help of a friend, Brendon Duck, who is an excellent programmer, and it is live on the iTunes store now. It is called ForeSight. The game is basically to help you develop your intuition. I got the idea from trading […]

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What Goes Up Will Come Down

This article is about seeing and being able to use the positive in everything. We will start with exploring the foundation of being able to live a fully positive and successful life, what prevents it, and then proceed to more detail about the method. There is no point in discussing how to be successful until […]

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Work For The Sake Of The Work

In my business career as well as with with my clients and students, I have developed a firm belief that our business success is 10% skill and 90% who we are, the quality of our character. This is exemplified by Richard Branson, a man with little education but now a billionaire with over 200 companies. […]

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