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Poor VS Super Rich

For some people, struggle gives purpose, which is why people who are not rich, stay that way because if there is a struggle to survive, they have a purpose in their life. There is nothing worse than a life with no purpose and any purpose will do. Survival is a good purpose, so they maintain […]

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God Does Not Give and God Does Not Take Away

Everything that comes and goes in your life is due to one thing that people give different names, chance, luck, destiny, God, or nature. The nature of the world is what it is. For example, using average people, the nature of a thief is to steal, the nature of an honest person is to be […]

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Think and Grow Rich, Why do so Many People Fail and so Few Succeed.

I was first introduced to Think and Grow Rich by my grandfather when I was 12 years old. He gave me his copy, an original printing from India, his home country. I read it and it worked. From literally zero assets and no help whatsoever from my parents, at age 12, I was a millionaire […]

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Do You Really Understand Money?

What is important in getting something is understanding what it is. If you do not understand something, it is impossible to get it other than by luck, and luck is too unreliable to base your life on. You must understand money and what it can give you. Money does not only give you the things […]

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How To Succeed In Living Both A Spiritual And Material Life

I have studied many different paths and often refer to their teachings to help my students understand the same principle from many angles . One such teaching is from the Ancient Sufis – “It takes 100 years to travel a journey alone that would take 2 days with a guide” I have achieved great success […]

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Harmonious Business and Spiritual Growth

Law of Attraction – Spiritual Growth and Business Can business and spiritual growth go hand in hand and both develop simultaneously? Emphatically yes. Sufism and the Tantric paths are two examples of having a family and work or business in harmony with ones spiritual growth. The past Sheik of the Jerrahi order in Istanbul owned […]

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Why Are China Made Products So Poor

This article may sound like a business or cultural discussion, but it leads to a very valuable personal growth lesson at the end. The general consensus is that ‘made in China’ means garbage quality, as if everything made in China is going to be rubbish. In one of my business ventures, my business partner and […]

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Do You Take Things Too Literally? This Prevents Learning.

Do You Take Things Too Literally Spiritual seekers and budding entrepreneurs alike are faced with a terrible dilemma, knowing the true meaning of what is really being said. Be it a conversation or reading an inspirational or apparently humorous story, knowing the real meaning determines the value gained and the outcome. If you try to […]

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Two Key Business Principles For Success

The first key principle in business success is knowing who you are dealing with, and who you are, a smart person or a foolish person. The difference between a smart person and a foolish person is that when a foolish person is foolish, he thinks he is smart, when a smart person is foolish, he […]

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How To Improve Your Business

The successful entrepreneur operates with the individuality of each client in mind. These are a few points that make the difference between the average entrepreneur and one who’s business excels. There are certain qualities of character which are described in another writing which complements this discussion. For now, let us start with examining some experiences […]

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