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Having Enough Time

If you are waiting to have enough time to do the things you want to do, to devote yourself to that project or practice that you know would be beneficial, you will never find the time. Time has to be stolen from one thing or another, you are always doing something and have something to […]

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Gratitude And Respect

To respect and give consideration for others, always taking care never to hinder, hold back or hurt anyone. To always consider another persons life, and what they have to do, is showing respect at the same time as gratitude, they are closely related. It is another way of developing gratitude because you appreciate those things […]

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Gratitude And Appreciation

There is a big difference between sincere gratitude and profusely saying thank you. The difference is sincerity, and that affects how the giver feels about giving to you in the future. When you sincerely feel gratitude, then one thank you is enough, even a smile will do, but if you do not have that sincerity, […]

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It’s All About Love

It is clear that an accepted belief these days is that all is love. That all things exist because of love. In Sufism, we say that God is love and out of God’s love all things have come into being. So nothing exists save love. It is also commonly accepted that very few people know […]

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Do You Need a Good Slap!

Let me tell you what frustrates me. The frustration comes from my own limitation to help people in a certain position, I simply do not know how to get this type of person past the point they are stuck at. This is not to say I do not know how to fix the problem, because […]

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What Is Your True Path In Life

The first thing is to really understand, not just intellectually, but to sincerely finally understand and accept is that there is no one specific God given special path for anyone. We each have some abilities, either natural talents or developed and learnt ones, that can be used in a variety of paths to make like […]

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Why Goals Come Close, Then Pass You By

It is a common phenomena that people working with the law of attraction, the secret and positive thoughts towards a goal will receive many opportunities, but often, they never materialize. This leads to confusion and eventually dropping of the faith and efforts along with giving up hope. I have spent many years studying this problem […]

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The Tortoise and the Hare

This story is not for children, it is for the adult the child will become. As a children’s story, since children are so impressionable, the best lessons of being a quality person are given to us at that young age. This will set the child’s mind with this principle so as an adult the principle […]

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The Importance Of Acknowledgement

The reason it is so vital to always acknowledge the source of whatever you have achieved or received is to avoid arrogance. When a person achieves anything, be it financially or spiritually, and they think they have done it on their own, they become arrogant and that leads to their downfall. We do nothing on […]

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Commitment, The Key To Success And How To Experience Life Fully

Law of Attraction – Achieve Goals series Making a clear and definite commitment is the secret key to making the Universe deliver your goal mentioned in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the Movie not long ago released called The Secret. The Secret movie is very popular all over the world […]

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