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The Need Is To Speak, The Real Need Is To Be Heard

To solve any problem, we must find the ultimate cause, the true source of the problem. Most people have some sort of emotional problem, which can be connected to feeling alone or abandoned in some way. Some people are very quiet and do not speak at all, but many need to talk, at times excessively. […]

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Why We Justify And Dispute

Some people often dispute anything that appears even slightly as a criticism or negative comment towards them. They justify and argue that it is not true, or they have excuses why this was an exception but, they never normally do that. The cause of this irritating reaction is because of the need to be liked […]

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Perfect Communication Skills; How To Perfectly Understand Another Person

A monologue is basically one person talking to themselves.  A dialogue is often two people, talking to themselves.   If you are having a disagreement to any degree, it is because you are taking the discussion or topic of what the other person is saying in some way related to you, either how it effects […]

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