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The Many Layers Of Mind

We have spoken of the many layers of the totality of our being in previous articles, and now we shall explain how each one has its own mind. There is the mind of each of the physical senses, the mind of discrimination of good and bad, the mind of thought and creativity, the mind of […]

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The Beautiful Eyes, God’s Gift to the Martyr

‘Beautiful Eyes’ is the gift promised by God for the martyr, one who dies in the service of God. There are different interpretations of the original arabic word Hur’In from the Koran but they are most commonly related to this translation of Beautiful Eyes. I put a photo of beautiful eyes on my desktop to […]

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How to Experience Pure Contentment

Law of Attraction – Enlightenment Series I shall here describe what I have attained and how I attained it. I hope to continue my progress as I know there is still so much further to go. It is my sincere wish that you will attain what I have, and surpass this level as well. Many […]

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How to be Committed and Attached While Detached and Free at the Same Time

If the soul, your essence, is the smallest little dot of your being and is covered by layers of ego personality and there are layers for each experience of your life, how can you ever find it? Each layer is another illusion.  Illusions are how we have interpreted situations and developed certain characteristics and because […]

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A Heaven of Perpetual Virgins, Sex and God.

In the pursuit of truth and the hopeful clarification of the escalating lunacy that is pervading our world at present, cultivating a religious war of truly disastrous proportions, I offer you a touch of reality. It is unlikely that many people other than Moslems will read the Koran. It is also unlikely that the Moslems […]

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Do You Take Things Too Literally? This Prevents Learning.

Do You Take Things Too Literally Spiritual seekers and budding entrepreneurs alike are faced with a terrible dilemma, knowing the true meaning of what is really being said. Be it a conversation or reading an inspirational or apparently humorous story, knowing the real meaning determines the value gained and the outcome. If you try to […]

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Different Mystical Views Of Life

The purpose of these principles are to guide any individual towards achieving their goals in work, relationships, spiritual pursuits, personal calm and balance, and life in general. These principles are drawn from several ancient traditions as well as from my own personal experience. They are presented for the 21st century taking into account the changes […]

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Enlightenment Requires The Experience Of Deep Emotion

Deep emotion, in order to be experienced, requires a deep relaxation of the body. Either fear of emotions or a desire not to feel them because of what comes with the experience of that deep love and emotion, causes a physical tension which traps the emotions within the body. That physical tension prevents the experience […]

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