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Depression Is Caused By Lying To Yourself

Life is a lie. That sounds like a standard statement of a depressed person, but our discussion here is to show that believing a lie causes depression. Let’s begin with saying that depression can be mild, momentary, brief or, long and deep. Whatever the level of depression you feel, or have felt, a probable original […]

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The Unacceptability To Express Emotions

Many people have found their emotional life and overall physical energy have diminished over time, basically the spark for life has died off. There are many theories and drugs to counter this, alcohol and recreational drugs are very commonly used to give people a moment of emotional freedom, energy and vibrance they so desperately need. […]

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Why Bother

I have written often about motivation, and having talked to many people, especially young people, who have so many ideas, but they never actually do anything. They are called ADD or lazy or not focused. I have found the ultimate reason is the attitude of; ‘Why bother?’ ‘What is the point?’ ‘I am going to […]

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Idle Hands Are The Devils Workshop

I may not be a follower of any religion, but I believe there is wisdom in many teachings, if we use our mind to find it. In this article, we will explore a real life example of how this saying leads to happiness or depression. The ‘devil’ is depression. Anyone who is familiar with this […]

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Is It Depression Or Boredom

There is a big difference between being bored or depressed, however they appear the same in an adult, and so boredom becomes confused with depression. The longer you are bored, the more you will think and appear to others to be depressed, If it lasts too long, you may eventually become depressed, but in fact […]

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A Shocking And Disturbing Reality About Low Self-Esteem

People will never change if they think they are alright. This is simply logical, why put in effort to fix what is not broken. We must see and realize that it is NOT alright to accept anything and everything. To accept mediocrity and negativity negates the possibility of progress. This applies to being short changed […]

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People Love To Be Depressed And Have No Hope

It is an interesting thing I have noticed, that everyone dreams and wishes to be a certain way, free of negative emotions, free in spirt, open of heart, without pain or fear, and meet someone like that. Yet if they meet someone who possesses those qualities, they say it cannot be real, they are faking […]

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How To Stop Being Hurt By Other People

There is a saying, look to yourself for the cause and solution to all your problems. This is a very interesting saying because it has many meanings. The first is the obvious, to see what you have done wrong to cause the problem. This is easy to apply, see what you did and accept responsibility […]

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What Goes Up Will Come Down

This article is about seeing and being able to use the positive in everything. We will start with exploring the foundation of being able to live a fully positive and successful life, what prevents it, and then proceed to more detail about the method. There is no point in discussing how to be successful until […]

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Everything Is Just Memories

Everything we are, meaning our reactions to situations, thoughts and emotions, is all based on our memories. Many of our pains and pleasures are felt when we think about, or associate the current moment, to an event that happened in the past, thus a memory. As soon as you realize something has or is happening, […]

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