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Why Do People Not Follow Through On Their Goals And Plans And How To Correct This Problem

If you are on your own, it is very hard to get yourself motivated and continue forward. But if you have someone to work with, you have much more power. Two people together can do the work of four people each on their own. But more importantly, when you are alone, you may not get […]

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What Is Your True Goal? What Is Truly In Your Heart.

Law of Attraction – Achieve Goals Series What is your true goal?  What is that for each of us?  It is not the same for all but appears to be the same for everyone in a group who share the same goal. That is obvious, but there is more to this than just the obvious. This […]

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How to Experience Pure Contentment

Law of Attraction – Enlightenment Series I shall here describe what I have attained and how I attained it. I hope to continue my progress as I know there is still so much further to go. It is my sincere wish that you will attain what I have, and surpass this level as well. Many […]

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What Comes First, Desire Or Thought

When we are born, the first pure desire we have is a desire to eat.  The infant does not think about food, it feels hunger and wants to eat.  It then smells the mothers milk in her breast and moves towards the food source.  Desire preceded thought. In time, a bottle replaces the breast and […]

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