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How Guilt Works and How to Never Be Manipulated By It Again

The greatest and most powerful tool, or weapon, in the art of manipulation is guilt. There is nothing stronger as a method of making the innocent feel that they are responsible for something they had nothing to do with than laying on a good guilt trip. Everyone knows about guilt and hates feeling guilty, yet […]

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Be Like A Cloud, video

Analogies and imagery can have a more profound effect than words alone, and so David Samuel created the concept of being like a cloud to attain emotional freedom and balance in all situations. Instead of writing an article on this topic, we made a 12 minute video of David explaining it in depth. Visit […]

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Dealing With Negative People

Being around very negative people is extremely draining. I wanted to understand why, and how to be able to resist that. So I decided to stay with a very negative person for a few weeks. I believe that we must take full responsibly for everything in our life, as states Ethic #1 in Ethicalism. Thus, […]

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Can You Really Make Yourself Happy?

Many people talk about how you make yourself happy and how it’s not someone else who makes you happy. I say that you make yourself angry, and no one can make you angry other than yourself, but I disagree with saying you can make yourself happy on your own just by choosing to be happy. […]

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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Or Does It?

There are many lies in the world that are meant to keep you limited and destroy your ambition. One of the big ones is; ‘money doesn’t buy happiness.’ The way this article turned out, I would like to ask you, if you do not like what you are reading, just read the last three paragraphs, […]

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Do You Say ‘No’ When You Mean ‘Yes’

Why do so many people start their response in a conversation with the word ‘No’ when they actually agree and follow with agreement. For example, when asked; “Is it true that ….” and the answer is: “No it’s true…” I have noticed this happens¬†very frequently, and I see myself do it as well. Check it […]

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To Have A Happy Heart, Be Nothing

Humility practices are found in many religions and mystical traditions. This one is from the Cabalistic tradition: Empty your heart and mind of all your mundane preoccupations and then work to nullify all your negative traits, one after the other, until in the end you nullify all sense of self completely. First work on one […]

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The Who And The What We Are

In the pursuit of personal and perpetual self-improvement let us try this analysis of the separation of ‘who‘ you are from ‘what‘ you are. When one is put down or negative qualities and characteristics are exposed, the normal human reaction is to shut down, feel bad, guilty about themselves, then to defend and then attack […]

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Dichotomy Of Strong Self-Esteem

Everything in life is a dichotomy, we live in a world of opposites; hot/cold, hard/soft, cruel/gentle, everything must have its opposite in order for it to exist, this is nature. The topic of this article is the idea of finding happiness in self-satisfaction, a feeling of being worthy which I feel is a counter productive […]

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Exercise To Remove Blocks In Your Mind

Try this exercise. Notice how when someone tells you something or you see something, how quickly your mind thinks it understands it. That is the problem. We must catch that reaction, stop it and remember that we can never know the true depth of what is behind a person’s words or actions or any event. […]

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