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What Makes The Foundation Of A Good Relationship

Some Of My Thoughts About The Foundation Of A Good Relationship A good relationship is built on being able to have a good conversation rather than a strung together line of clichés and standard lines about any subject that are mere repetitions of what is common thought. Someone who thinks and says what they think […]

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What Is The Real Nature Of Emotion

Emotion is emotion, it is neutral in nature. Your thoughts, at the time, make it positive or negative. Emotion is an amazing thing, and very misunderstood. Everyone has it, you feel up and down from time to time, and yet at times cannot understand what is behind the emotion. Emotion is a strange thing that […]

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Don’t Just Think Who You Are, Know Who You Are: How To Become Emotionally Independent

The goal of personal development is personal freedom. Freedom from your emotions, moods, reactions to success or failure and most importantly, freedom from being dependant on other people or your environment. Emotional independence is not about suppressing or stifling your emotions, rather it means that you can choose your moods, and obviously you will choose […]

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