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What Holds You, Your Culture or Country From Progressing

For this article I will use a recent experience in New Zealand which is a very strong example. I am certain you will find other examples in any country. Although this is a very typical NZ attitude, it fits very well as an opportunity for anyones self-reflection. I was observing a nurse explaining to a […]

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Everything Is Just Memories

Everything we are, meaning our reactions to situations, thoughts and emotions, is all based on our memories. Many of our pains and pleasures are felt when we think about, or associate the current moment, to an event that happened in the past, thus a memory. As soon as you realize something has or is happening, […]

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Changing Words To Change Events Does Not Work

The past years have taken a trend in the concept that by changing the words, we can actually change the situation. This is clearly impossible, but yet it does work. I would like to explore how the impossible works. If there is a problem, no matter what you call it, or even if you ignore […]

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Does Changing Words Really Change Anything?

Changing the words to describe situations is a common concept in new age and political correctness culture. The concept is that by changing the word, the subject actually changes. That is simply not realistic since we know that all thought is in our mind. By changing the word or label, we still apply the same […]

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What Is Vision, How Do You See

Where did you learn how to see. How did you acquire vision. What is vision. Let us look at the actual process of seeing. Before we can see anything, there must be something to look at. So the first step is that something exists. Then that object reflects light. That reflected light is picked up […]

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Life is Nothing More Than a Reflection of Light

Law of Attraction – Mind Series I was in my kitchen which has very large windows and is on the second floor over looking the driveway when all of a sudden the beige walls and ceiling all turned red. Everything in the room was red even the light in the room was red. I wondered […]

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Fear Rules

Law of Attraction – Positive Thinking Series I was discussing my recent trip to Japan with a friend and mentioned how the Japanese people are so obedient to the rules and respect of others. How they form lines and stay on their side of the walkway to allow for pedestrian traffic to flow along smoothly […]

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Know the Meeting Point to Understand All Problems

As long as there is more than one thing involved in any situation, and there always is, they have a point at which they meet. This meeting point is often overlooked or simply not recognized that it exists, and so problems are difficult to solve and conflicts grow because the true cause is not known. […]

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Uprooting Anger

Law of Attraction – Practical Meditation Series As an example, when people speak about the roads on a snowy day and say it is a mess, that is a negative attitude. Even if it is true, it may be messy but it is what it is. You will deal with whatever you must to get […]

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How to Understand Emotional Reactions from Body Reactions to Events

Anger at someone in a situation where let’s say you almost hit them with your car as example and hurt them gets you very angry and say what a stupid fool. Yet the only damage would be to the other person and it was really an innocent act on their part.  The reason you react […]

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