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Good Manners and Spiritual / Conscious Development

Good manners are not the most common quality, yet have always been stressed as important. I would like to explore a far more valuable reason to have impeccable manners other than just to look good to others. Good manners are a show of respect to other people, as does following a code of ethics and […]

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Introducing Ethicalism

We would like to announce the launch of The concept is to give everyone – either those who have a teacher or religion or those who have lost hope with the teachers and religions of today – a self-directed path to become content while strengthening ones individuality and sense of self. Ethicalism is a code of moral conduct that, […]

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Eliminate Negative From Your Mind, Fill With Positive

If you have constant remembrance and express thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for everything you received, there is very little room in your heart and mind for self-pity and negative emotions because it is always filled with love and gratitude. This is why everyday you should remember the gifts you have received, and by gifts […]

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Angry People Are Just Barking Dogs

When someone is yelling at you, for any reason, if you can see the truth that they are full of pain and problems, everyone is, then you will not take it personally and get yourself upset and stressed. It will also help you discover who you really are if you reflect on what is behind […]

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How To Be Happy

There will always be people better, smarter, richer than you, and there will be many more poorer, sicker, lonelier and more unhappy than you. What would a staircase be if there were no steps in the middle? Strive to improve yourself and at the same time, be content with what and where you are instead of […]

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Happiness Must Be Earned

Many people speak of how we should all be happy, it is so easy, just be happy, don’t worry. Yet many people find happiness very elusive. Why is it so difficult to find happiness if it is truly our natural birthright? If it were true that it is so easy for all of us to […]

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Happiness Comes When …

The illusive object of desire for everyone despite all the other desires that are expected to bring us the ultimate one is, happiness. This simple article will explain a few step by step points, very simple, yet powerful enough to change your life relatively quickly. Happiness is the opposite of pain, and as you open […]

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Understanding Words, How To End Anger and Conflicts

Words are our main form of communication. Words have the greatest power to make us happy or sad, aggravated or elated. How can something that has no actual material reality have such a powerful effect over us emotionally and physically? Here is a very old thought that gives an idea of how we can release […]

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Which Is Better To Pursue; Enlightenment Or Emotional Independence

The most attractive is of course enlightenment, spiritual realization, self-knowledge or anything in that direction. Promise of this draws many people, and although it would be wonderful to have a large following, I will not claim to have achieved or promise something I cannot deliver. What I can promise, and something I do have, is […]

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There Is No Empirical Right Or Wrong

Right and wrong are a matter of personal opinion, this is the definition of morals. Your morals define what is right or wrong for you. If you do things you feel are wrong, but then convince yourself it is acceptable or divert your attention from feeling what you did is wrong, that takes energy and […]

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