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How To Find What You Really Are

If you observe yourself, you will discover that all you are is an emotional feeling. It could be positive or negative, love, anger or hatred, it changes frequently, but ultimately we are nothing more than emotional feelings. Are not all your thoughts and actions an expression of your emotions and feelings? This is validated in […]

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Curse of the Fortunate and the Blessing of Suffering

Things are not often what they appear and, what they clearly are at the time, is not always what they turn out to be in the future. Often, a wonderful safe and enjoyable childhood leads to difficulties in adult life. While we grow up, our fragmentation is formed based on certain experiences. Identification and events, […]

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Who Is The Fool In Politics

The problem with a democratic system in which the government officials are elected by majority vote is that it absolutely precludes honesty and sincerity on the part of the person running for election. This is especially true during the campaign to be elected because their purpose is not to run the country well, but rather […]

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Why Do People Seek Pain

Self-mutilation, or other means of self-inflicted pain, physically, mentally or emotionally, are common to everyone. Everyone finds some way to inflict one form of pain or another on themselves, and we all wonder why. One young person told me that the reason she liked piercing was because it hurt. I found that strange at the […]

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My Thoughts On Boundaries And Being Spiritual

Having boundaries is tantamount to not truly being open. Basically, anyone who ever says they want to set boundaries is a selfish person because those boundaries are the rules you set up on how other people have to treat and interact with you. That is the point of a boundary. You may justify the need of […]

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Happiness Is Being Free Of Guilt

To be free of guilt and negative self attacks, we must pay our debts. Not only the monetary ones, but the ones which caused harm to someone because of your actions. When you do something or advise someone do something which causes them harm, you will naturally feel bad, if you have even a thread […]

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An Exercise To Attain Objective Detachment

This is an excellent exercise to attain an objective detachment to events and retain a freedom from being negatively emotionally effected. The exercise is; Do not say anything that will not serve a useful purpose. Most often, when someone says something that is wrong, we jump at the chance to correct them. If it is […]

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Energetic Attacks And How To End Them By Building Compassion

It is not true, in my experience, that a person’s thoughts or energy can effect another person. The way they APPEAR to effect you is by your sharing the thought. You can find happiness in ending negative emotions by seeing their true source. If I hate you and you sense it somehow, you know I hate you […]

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Weakness Perpetuates Itself But, You Can Stop It

Feeling inferior prevents you from finding happiness and can make anyone overdo proving that they are adequate or superior rather than accept the reality that they simply are not perfect or perhaps even capable of doing the particular task. We are all less than someone else, and more than others, but people do not like […]

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How To End Pain And Find Happiness, Part 1

Why must we feel pain and suffering? That is a very good question and the answer is found in being able to see its usefulness. This article will show the reason that pain and suffering exists and how to end it by understanding its purpose for self-improvement to find inner peace and happiness. In order for […]

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