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Weakness Perpetuates Itself But, You Can Stop It

Feeling inferior prevents you from finding happiness and can make anyone overdo proving that they are adequate or superior rather than accept the reality that they simply are not perfect or perhaps even capable of doing the particular task. We are all less than someone else, and more than others, but people do not like […]

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How To End Pain And Find Happiness, Part 1

Why must we feel pain and suffering? That is a very good question and the answer is found in being able to see its usefulness. This article will show the reason that pain and suffering exists and how to end it by understanding its¬†purpose for self-improvement to find inner peace and happiness. In order for […]

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Finding Happiness And The Point Of Life

Many people tell me they cannot find any point to life. That is very sad of course, to continue to live just because it is the only alternative to death. Maybe they are right, or maybe not. Even if you have a purpose and see a point, this article may help you increase joy and […]

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