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Being Human Is So Unfair

I have spent a couple of months visiting my father and I have come to see some very disturbing things about not just myself, but how our personality, and thus our life, is formed and lived. As anyone who has spent enough time reflecting on their character and seeing their flaws (we all have flaws […]

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Groups Create Separation

The existence or need of any group; political, religious or social such as men’s/women’s groups, implies that there is an opposing group that one must resist. If there is harmony, then there is no need for a group of people to gather and unify in order to resist an opposing force. However, the creation of […]

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The Simplicity of Life

Searching for the meaning of life, ultimate reality? Thinking of going into a monastery because life is too tough? What do you think the right path to truth may be? There must be some special, mystical, hidden secret teaching or school out there that will bring you to liberation of the suffering and confusion of […]

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The Essence Of The Mind Is Like Air

This subject is very tricky to understand, it is simple, yet difficult to grasp because it is so simple. For this reason, there will be many discussions about it in different ways for you to have the variety of concepts that one may reach your understanding. Although there will be many lessons on the same […]

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Is The Law Of Attraction Really That All Pervading

Most proponents of the Law of Attraction argue that you attract everything into your life. This view makes it hard to explain events such as the death of a loved one. People say that my view of ‘logic to life’ makes more sense but it hardly makes life spiritual in the way most people think […]

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The Ultimate Mastermind Group

Religion. What better proof of the power from the combined force of large numbers of people for a single goal or purpose is there than religions. In a religion, everyone believes in one god, or Christ or idol. That works for sports, music, or movie stars equally to false teachers and big name gurus. The […]

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Tantra And Humanitys Spiritual Progression. Where We Go Wrong And Right

Many people think that humanity is reaching a higher spiritual level than ever before. I think those people have not been to the historical sites and probably lived through TV and the internet. Certainly there are many things on the internet which simply based on volume and dissemination of information would justify that claim, but […]

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When The Pressure Is On The Intensity Increases, The Exercise

This is a follow up to the article entitled ‘The Eleventh Hour’, in which we discussed the value and need of a deadline. Now we shall discuss where the power of having a deadline comes from. The reason desires do not make things happen is because they lack intensity. If you want the universe to […]

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The Use Of Intuition In Business And Relationships, How To Strengthen That ‘Gut Feeling’

The greatest successes in business and life in general usually come from a decision based on a ‘feeling’. That gut instinct when you just know something is right, or wrong, is usually correct, but all too often, recalled only after we made the wrong decision. When I began investing in the stock and Forex markets, […]

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Eleventh Hour Experiences And Exercise

The following are some examples which a reader presented from his life about coincidences and synchronisity. Reader: 1.) During school days, many times I was home in the evening and thinking of some girl or boy from my class and than I went out to the market and would see them there. This used to […]

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