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Answer The Question; “Why Am I Here?” An Explanation of Limitations, Business Success, Life Purpose, and Regaining Motivation

When we are young we ask the question of why am I here. This is normal for most people. Some have stopped asking and forgot they asked at all, and others still ask no matter how old they are. We look for an answer, ask our parents, teachers, anyone, but do not find anyone who […]

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Prerequisites, The Cause Of The Cause Of The Event

Everything has a prerequisite. If you want to bake a cake, you need a hot oven aside from all the ingredients. To have a hot oven, you need electricity or gas to heat the oven. To have that, you need the delivery system to bring the power to the house. Before that you need to […]

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The Law Of Cause And Effect

The Universal Laws are laws which govern the way things work. They are equally tools which we can use to make certain laws deliver certain results by consciously using other laws to effect them. The laws are not controlling masters if we choose to develop our Will to understand and work with them. The higher […]

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Learn How to See with Your Mind, Develop the Ability to Ponder

The ability to think creatively is developed with exercise, otherwise it dies off. Our world makes all things far to simple and so this ability is rapidly atrophying. All we do is push a button and it is done. I am sure we have all had experiences of the following sort…. I returned an item […]

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More On Inward And Outward Goals

I have been asked to write more on this subject, and so I am pleased to do so. I have noticed in my decades of teaching that the sincerity of a person when they ask a question determines the quality of the response that I give. But another large part of my writing comes from […]

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What Comes First, Desire Or Thought

When we are born, the first pure desire we have is a desire to eat.  The infant does not think about food, it feels hunger and wants to eat.  It then smells the mothers milk in her breast and moves towards the food source.  Desire preceded thought. In time, a bottle replaces the breast and […]

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A Success Story

I would like to write about a young fellow who has virtually changed his destiny. Two years ago, Ande was a 25 year old with thousands of dollars of debt, no real possessions or assets, he did not have any money in the bank, no car, and rented a room in someone’s apartment, not even […]

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The Secret And The Law Of Attraction

There is a lot of talk about The Secret and the Law of Attraction. The basis of these now very popular programs is valid, however we can be certain that if these programs were effective on a larger percentage there would be a lot more rich and successful people out there. This brings up the […]

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Why You Need To Know Your Outward and Inward Goal Before You Can Succeed

To succeed in achieving your goal, there must be an inward satisfaction as well as the outward achievement of the goal. A goal that is related to anything in the world, for yourself or for others is what we call an ‘outward’ goal. In order for an outward goal to be achieved you must have […]

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