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How To Tame The Monkey Mind To Stop Mental Chatter

The first step in correcting a defect is that you must know the cause of the defect, its reason for existence, why it was developed. Everything exists for a reason or purpose. It does not matter if it is a useful or productive purpose in your opinion or destructive like cancer, there is an objective […]

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How To Be Present

Being present and feeling bliss is the moment in which you are not thinking of anything else, hence the concept that we are already enlightened, is because what prevents enlightenment is living in thoughts of past or future, i.e., memories. By being fully present in the very moment, we are no longer in memory and […]

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Learn How to See with Your Mind, Develop the Ability to Ponder

The ability to think creatively is developed with exercise, otherwise it dies off. Our world makes all things far to simple and so this ability is rapidly atrophying. All we do is push a button and it is done. I am sure we have all had experiences of the following sort…. I returned an item […]

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Try This Exercise To Develop Concentration

Get an eye pillow. You can get one in a new age book shop or pharmacy or health nutrition store. It is a small silk pillow about 7 cm by 15 cm long with some scented stuff inside. When you are sitting somewhere for a while, and you will not need your hand, either hand, […]

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