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How Life Can Have Meaning

Life has meaning when you create beauty. It does not matter what that beauty is. It could be art, music, or a beautiful garden, as long as everyone who it touches finds joy in it. If you find there is no meaning to your life or life in general, perhaps you are thinking of meaning […]

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How To Regain Motivation

You lose motivation when you feel hopeless because nothing is working and you think you have tried everything, or you will never meet the right partner. But this is an arrogant attitude that implies you already know everything or every one of the 7 billion people on earth. A bit of humility in accepting that […]

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The Power Of Faith

Faith is the secret ingredient, that magic key that gives us the power to accomplish all things. Faith gives us the power to do the things we think are impossible or would kill us yet faith gives us the strength to do those things and survive and succeed and prove we are stronger and better […]

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A Frustrating Tech Support Call And How To Benefit From It

I had a tech support issue, and their response is typical as well as comical and the cause of a lot of frustration in our world. The tech support answer was so astounding, I realized the value in showing how a person looks when they do not read emails. On the positive side, this situation […]

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Desires, Fears and Regrets; The Cause and End of Suffering and Limitations

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment,   Buddha There are three things which rule our lives; desires, fears of all types and, regrets for mistakes, missed opportunities and decisions that just went wrong. A life lived without hesitation and doubt is a very […]

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The Secret To Greater Intelligence And Meaning

“…From very young, we are taught to ask questions,  so we keep asking until we find answers…” This is a quote from Nobel prize winner, Dan Shechtman, in response to being asked why there are such a high percentage of Jewish nobel prize winners compared to any other race. This is not an article about […]

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A Coin Has Three Sides

Everyone knows that a coin only has two sides. But what defines a ‘side’? If the coin can stand or sit on it, then it must be a side. Heads, tails and the edge. Yes, a coin can sit on its edge, so that must be a side. To be on one of the two […]

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Pressure Causes Stress, Resistance Causes Pressure

This article will explain the cause of stress related to the pressures of life and how to eliminate the negative effects. Not only will that be explained, but you will also find how to use the pressure in a positive way. If you push on something, it resists being pushed. This applies to any material […]

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Aim and Your Essential Nature

Much has been said about the importance of having an aim to give direction to your life for you to progress with your work. If you do not have an aim, nothing in your life can progress. Your aim is the engine which drives the entire vehicle. It is not only having any aim, it […]

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Improving Memory Through Logical Reasoning

Many people think they have a bad memory or simply cannot think straight. There are too many events which turn out that we forget something or neglect to prepare for the obvious, and this is attributed to a bad memory. What if it has nothing to do with memory at all but rather is the […]

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