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Are Sweet Sounding Concepts Always Good

I saw a monument in honor of a fellow who participated in creating the first draft of the Declaration of Human Rights. He wanted to include; “You should never allow the rights of a collective society to outweigh the rights of the individual.” That may sound good, but I totally disagree. In the case of […]

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Are You Lacking Love

The feeling of not being loved is an imagination of the ego while it searches for happiness. You have to create the feeling of not being loved in yourself by yourself. Or more accurately, you have to imagine you are not loved, because that is simply not true. It has nothing to do with reality.
You […]

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Moses and the Burning Bush

True, pure and real emotion is so overwhelming that one feels an expansion in the centre of the chest that grows and continues to grow, issuing forth a physical sensation of pressure, an almost solid but fluid substance. As it flows forth, the body becomes weak yet not weak, it melts and keeps its form. […]

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How To Know When To Let Go, And How

How do you know when to let go, in business or personal situations in life. This is a very difficult question, but one that is vital to living a life that continuously moves forward. Afterall this planet is moving through space at 1,350,000 miles an hour, so we may as well keep moving also, it […]

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Why Can’t You Have Both

I was asked a question; “I’m trying to find a way to balance having a relationship and achieve my goal. But I see I’ve failed to realise I cannot have both. Because my goal is also to be balanced my thinking is that I needed to have a relationship in order achieve this.” Why can’t […]

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Finding Like Minds

This article is a gamble. When you read it, maybe you will identify with what is written, or think I am a fool. I have written this for a purpose and I am willing to take that risk. All I ask is that if the subject interests you, then please read the whole article so […]

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‘Emotional Containment’, The Exercise

As we discussed in the previous article, I Didn’t Mean That, ‘Emotional Containment’ here is the exercise to help with attaining this freedom. The problem is that it sounds simple, but if taken literally and applied without wisdom, it can be dangerous. The first step is in understanding that everything is and isn’t at the […]

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Emotions Are Contagious

When one person laughs, everyone laughs. When someone cries, others cry. Emotions are felt sincerely indeed, but the question is what elicits the emotion? Are we feeling based on the event, or is it because someone else is expressing an emotion which then triggers our emotional response. I was at a funeral recently, the priest, […]

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Gratitude And Respect

To respect and give consideration for others, always taking care never to hinder, hold back or hurt anyone. To always consider another persons life, and what they have to do, is showing respect at the same time as gratitude, they are closely related. It is another way of developing gratitude because you appreciate those things […]

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Is Anyone There? Can Anyone Hear Me?

This is the real question we all ask at some point in our life, is anyone there? Am I alone here, in the crowd, in the world? This article is about those moments, the times when we wonder if we are from another planet because it seems like no one can understand our feelings, thoughts […]

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