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Where Have All The People Gone?

I wonder…when something new is opened or discovered and there is so much activity, people say how wonderful and helpful it is, are they lying? or just wrong. For the purposes of this discussion, I am not speaking of a new restaurant, rather this is about something that is of benefit to you and your […]

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Law of Attraction – How to make money in business series When you go to the restaurant, you go with an empty stomach. They give you food, you give them money. There is the emptiness, which is filled, and then what is given gets something in return, money for food. When a child is born, it […]

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How To Find Satisfaction By Discovering What Is Missing In Your Relationship

There is a nice story of two old friends, one who never married.  His friend asked one day, why he never found a wife.  John said that he did look, but there was always something.  One woman just could not cook well, another was too selfish, another was not a good homemaker.  On and on […]

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A Human Without Love Is Not a Human Being

A human without love is not a human being. To live without loving is merely existing, it is a robots life. To be truly alive, to live, to feel, one must have someone to love. Love must be given to someone who can receive it for the lover to feel love. If love is given […]

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The Truth About Forgiveness, How To Really Forgive Permanently

Forgiveness is a very popular concept. Everyone who is interested in self healing and personal development is talking about forgiveness and how that is being compassionate etc. However, many people find it difficult or impossible to truly forgive. Some people may think they have forgiven, but a little inquiry and you will find that they […]

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What Makes A Good Conversation

There are two kinds of conversations, one with thought and the other without thought. We will not bother with anything that is without thought as that is just passing air. In conversations with thought, there are two kinds which appear similar but are very different, intellectual and intelligent. The intellectual just repeats information without adding […]

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More On Inward And Outward Goals

I have been asked to write more on this subject, and so I am pleased to do so. I have noticed in my decades of teaching that the sincerity of a person when they ask a question determines the quality of the response that I give. But another large part of my writing comes from […]

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What Makes The Foundation Of A Good Relationship

Some Of My Thoughts About The Foundation Of A Good Relationship A good relationship is built on being able to have a good conversation rather than a strung together line of clichés and standard lines about any subject that are mere repetitions of what is common thought. Someone who thinks and says what they think […]

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