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Abandonment And Lost Motivation

The greatest need is that of companionship. Among others, one reason is that if we are in need and alone, who will be there to take care of us. In many cultures, people live their life to marry and have many children so that there will be someone there to take care of them when […]

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Energy Cannot Be Destroyed, It Can Be Released. Finding The True Purpose Of Our Existence

Humans are supposed to be a spark of God, of the Divine Light, yet we are far from that realization or living as that. An intellectual acceptance is like a load of books on a donkey, having no impact on the mind of the donkey. All things on earth and in the material universe are […]

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Catch The ‘No’ Preceding The ‘Yes’

Have you noticed how people respond to questions or comments with; “No, yes it is…”  People often respond initially with a negation even when the answer is affirmative. For example, you may say; “That is a very nice shirt.” And the response will be; “No, yes it is very comfortable.” I asked a friend from […]

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Easy Way to Build Self-Esteem

The common attitude to build self-esteem is to hype up a person; you’re great, wonderful, AWESOME. This simply does not work, it’s just blowing hot air in a balloon that pops or leaks out and ends up on the ground, flat and stepped on. If we want to change our self-esteem we have to find […]

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Making A Movie About My Work

I would like to make a movie about the principles of the All Is Mind course, the way the human mind/machine functions and the principles of what I teach and of course, how to change that. It would be in a similar style perhaps to Michael Moore. If anyone is a professional in the field […]

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How To React To A Verbal Attack

Everything in your life will change to become positive when you can take every word of apparent criticism as an objective statement of fact without emotion and not feel hurt or attacked. When you do this, you will not get emotionally distraught. Rather, you will take any comment about your personality and character in the […]

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The Reflex Organ, How It Controls You and How To Overcome It

The book and course, Anatomy Of The Mind, explains how every emotion and mental faculty is an organ of the body of your mind. Fear, love, anger, habits, opinions, etc., are all organs of the mind. As we get older with the passing of time, these organs atrophy and our patterns become more fixed and […]

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A Possible Cure For Stupidity

There are many reasons for an adult to be stupid. This article will focus on one particular type of person who is deemed stupid because of their irresponsibility, forgetfulness, incompetence and anything that is similar to which you may identify as behaving like a five year old. The question I have been pondering is why […]

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How To Master Being Tolerant In Three Steps

First Do not ask a six year old to stop behaving like a six year old. Second Do not equate age with a proportionate amount of maturity and wisdom. Third Accept that common sense is the most rare thing to find in a human being.

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Frustrated By The Medical Profession

I am so frustrated by the medical profession that puts eagles in a cage with tortoises and tells them they need to be like tortoises. Stop flying high and fast and get down to earth and crawl in hyper slow motion like everyone else, then you will be cured and happy. Enough of this drugging […]

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