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Why We Have To Work 

In the parable of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and thus being evicted from the garden, we find an interesting concept to explain why our world is so materialistic as well as how to master our mind and increase the brains capacity. Without knowing the difference between […]

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How To Handle Being Hurt, Revenge Or Not To Revenge

The negative quality of revenge must not be underestimated for its self destructive effects and how to avoid that. Bitterness in you makes you want to stick a knife in the other person because you do not like what they did. This is obviously bad for your own life. It makes you suffer needlessly and […]

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The Root Cause Of Our Personality And Its Flaws

Find the root cause of our personality flaws for the purpose of self-improvement and self-perfecting. One of the common flaws is lack of taking responsibility, no one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes and actions. We must think of why we are this way, if we make mistakes no one will like you, you […]

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Changing The Way You Think, And The Results

If you want to change the way you think and live, you have to see the process of your thoughts, how you think, what makes you have certain thoughts, what is behind your thoughts and feelings, then when you find that, only then do you have the potential to change the way you think. Only […]

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Educational Trust, Request for Suggested Criteria

Educational Trust for Malaysia and Philippine orphans This is not a call for money, it is a request for ideas only. I would like to ask you what criteria would you suggest we put in for the trust managers to determine who will be put through school.  Please tell me any ideas you have as […]

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What is the real problem, or solution.

The problems of the rich are more difficult than the problems of the poor because they have already tried and found the emptiness in the solutions that the poor still hope can bring them happiness. The point is to say that although money does solve a lot of problems, the real problem is deeper. It […]

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How To Cultivate Sincerity and Selflessness

Sincerity and selflessness are inseparable, where there is one, there is the other, and where one is not, neither is the other. One of our students asked a very good question; ‘how can I become sincere.’ She knows that she does things to show gratitude but it is lacking sincerity and she wants to get […]

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The Mind Sponge

The mistake people make when going to workshops and courses is that they think they can learn something, but normally people find that they forget what they learnt very quickly. The problem is in the analogy of being a sponge to water. The water is information and you are the sponge. But we do not […]

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To Observe or Absorb

There is a big difference between observation and absorption of events. The concept of self observation is quite old, we have talked about it often as Gurdjieff and Ouspensky have taught, and yet as much as I teach this method of awakening, people fail to get much benefit from it. Today, travelling in Thailand with […]

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Negative Emotions and Understanding The Moment

Most negative emotions, such as a depressing thought, internal conflict, arguments, feeling hopeless, etc. all these things are due to a lack of understanding. You may think you understand, and that is why you see a thing as hopeless or negative or the other person as wrong, but you must fight your opinions and remember […]

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