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Balance. That is the Key to Success

You may have started out not knowing anything about the spiritual side of life, you where only material, but there was something different about you that made you feel something was missing in a so called normal life. Or perhaps you knew some greater truth, but did not have the method of finding it or […]

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The Deadly Ego, Thinking You Understand When You Do Not.

There is a great danger in the whole idea that thoughts are things and we create what we think. This danger is to people who do not fully understand what that principle means, how it works, and how it can be confused with guidance and intuition. That danger lies in the ego which thinks it […]

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How To Eliminate Anger in Three Minutes

For those of you who know me and my views on ‘weekend enlightenment workshops’ you will be appropriately shocked by the title of this article, and even more shocked to know that I believe this to be true. The three minutes are spent in reading this article, which if understood, will in fact deliver on […]

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A Mind Exercise For Discovery

Law of Attraction – Mind Series Here is a little exercise that you can do in just a few minutes which can yield some interesting experiences about your mind and its multiplicity. You can do this with any reading material, a book, magazine it does not matter. Start reading out loud then in mid sentence, […]

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The Pattern Organ

Law of Attraction – Mind Series This article is about an organ which you have never heard of or been aware exists. It is the ‘pattern organ’ and is located in your mind. Since science has not yet located the ‘mind’ we have no idea how big it is or where it is, and so […]

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The Perpetuation and Termination of Low Self-Esteem

Law of Attraction – Mind Series This article is directed towards people with low self-esteem and so is one sided to that view. A child is born very intelligent with an excellent learning capacity. This is based on the fact of how quickly a child learns to speak possibly several languages, walk, etc. The child […]

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The Qualities to Achieve Balance Required for Spiritual Growth

The quality of your actions and the results are relative to the level of awareness that we possess. A strong character is the foundation and roots that hold up the massive structure of a complete human being. “Character is Destiny” Heraclitus, Pre-Socratic philosopher These character traits are the foundation of a successful business, personal and […]

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Corporate Change Human Adaptability and Habit

The lowest common denominator is the key to success or failure. Ultimately, everything to do with a business, its operations, its products, sales, expenses, etc, boils down to being effected by the lowest common denominator, the individual human being. The individual is ruled by their mind, thoughts, desires, emotions and so on, which brings us […]

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Try This Exercise To Develop Concentration

Get an eye pillow. You can get one in a new age book shop or pharmacy or health nutrition store. It is a small silk pillow about 7 cm by 15 cm long with some scented stuff inside. When you are sitting somewhere for a while, and you will not need your hand, either hand, […]

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Why People Do Not Know How To Feel

What do you feel? The first thing that happens when asked this question is that you think about it. Then your mind goes in one direction and you think about that further. The moment thought or intellect comes into the question of feeling, imagination rises and feelings are distorted. The images that your imagination will […]

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