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Try This Exercise To Develop Concentration

Get an eye pillow. You can get one in a new age book shop or pharmacy or health nutrition store. It is a small silk pillow about 7 cm by 15 cm long with some scented stuff inside. When you are sitting somewhere for a while, and you will not need your hand, either hand, […]

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Why People Do Not Know How To Feel

What do you feel? The first thing that happens when asked this question is that you think about it. Then your mind goes in one direction and you think about that further. The moment thought or intellect comes into the question of feeling, imagination rises and feelings are distorted. The images that your imagination will […]

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How To Eliminate All Of Your Negative Qualities

A truly arrogant or evil person does not see or acknowledge that they are that way. That is the mark of one who has a good chance of self-improvement, seeing what is really inside themselves. The truly arrogant or evil person sees themselves as normal and good. The eye cannot see itself, it can only […]

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