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Everything Works In A Pattern

Everything in the universe works in some pattern. Everything has a logic and pattern of its own. The trick is to find the pattern of what you are studying. This could be so different than anything you can logically perceive, which makes it very difficult to find. If you can remove your opinion of what […]

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Adab Is The Single Stone On Which The Inverted Pyramid Stands

Adab is the foundation stone of developing the essence of ones being such that one can grow in an opening manner to receive ever increasing wisdom using the inverted pyramid as the analogy. As the pyramid continues to grow, it gets wider and wider until it is so wide it can encompass all things and […]

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Are You The Preserver Of Life Or The Condemner Of Death

People who fight for preservation of a species, often neglect what preservation of life requires, which is in many cases, the end of another life. Humans are the only creature who can choose an alternate food source. Lions cannot become vegetarians any more than elephants can become carnivorous. When you want to preserve one life, […]

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Perfect Intuition, What Prevents It And How To Get It

Intuition is basically information about what is going to happen, which has nothing to do with what you want to happen in your life or at the moment. What blocks you from hearing the voice of perfect intuition is your ego and your desires. If you are trying to hear your intuition, but you have […]

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Never begin anything unless you have reflected on what will be its result. David Samuel

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To Be Or Not To Be, In A Monastery

There is no need to join a monastery or school when you have understood that being in a school is to allow you to live in a certain state of mind. The point of a school is to keep your mind focused on your awakening and so being in a school merely serves to remove […]

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A Daily Accounting, Five Questions in Five Minutes To Totally Transform Your Life

All religious and spiritual practices ultimately serve one purpose; to reflect on who you are as a human being by discovering the true nature of your personality. The method I present to you here allows us to discover who we truly are rather than who we think we are. With the discovery of the truth […]

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Is Reincarnation Real

This article questions of validity of reincarnation and explores a deeper meaning to the concept. Here, I shall show how the concept is true and false at the same time by exploring another level of its implications in ones pursuit of personal growth and finding happiness. The concept of reincarnation can serve the purpose of […]

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Understanding Words, An End To Conflicts and Anger

Words are our main form of communication. Words have the greatest power to make us happy or sad, aggravated or elated. How can something that has no actual material reality have such a powerful effect over us emotionally and physically? Here is a very old thought that gives an idea of how we can release […]

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How To Remove Pain And Find Happiness, Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 of this article, the removal of pain brings pleasure and happiness. When you can see that mental pain is 100% in your mind due to your resistance of the state of things as they are, you cease to believe the illusion. At that moment, pain is gone and pleasure, or […]

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