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Why Muslims Force Their Women To Cover Up

When you feel something is precious and that other people want to steal it from you, you will tend to hide it and protect it, so no one knows what you have. This way, no one will get the idea or desire to steal it from you. This is the reason behind the forced covering […]

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What Makes You Be The Way You Are

Many people want to find their true essential nature, their soul, but of course, that is a very rare discovery, at least it is if you are honest about it. I have another way of searching for that answer which is a bit simpler and perhaps answers more questions about why we are the way […]

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Are you Evil

The thoughts of this writing are based on the Hermetica, a body of literature written in late antiquity, but believed to be much older. Perhaps written at the time of Moses. Written originally in Latin and Greek, it is the source of the Gnostic teachings and it appears that Christianity took much from it as […]

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The Importance Of Acknowledgement

The reason it is so vital to always acknowledge the source of whatever you have achieved or received is to avoid arrogance. When a person achieves anything, be it financially or spiritually, and they think they have done it on their own, they become arrogant and that leads to their downfall. We do nothing on […]

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What is Spiritual, Really.

Law of Attraction – Spiritual Growth Series There are many concepts about spiritual growth. The problem is that you do not even know what ‘spiritual’ really means, otherwise you would have it. The entire concept of ‘spiritual’ is so distorted by false information spurred by a natural human need to understand what we are, where […]

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Using the Law Of Rhythm, Habits and Melody for Spiritual Growth and Mental Focus.

Law of Attraction – Spiritual Growth Series The Law of Rhythm is basically indicating an expression of habits.  A habit is something you do consistently, therefore it has a rhythmic movement to it. The Law of Rhythm shows you your habits and those of society and the planet.  For instance the planet is in the […]

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