Conflicts of Mind

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Knowledge of how something functions is vital to being able to use it, be it a nuclear power plant or a can opener. If we do not know what it is and how it works and how to use it properly, it is of little or no use, or can even be a great danger to yourself and society.

Our mind is the first, last and ever present machine that we deal with every minute of our lives and yet we do not know its ways.

In order to understand a device, first we look at its exterior, and then we go further to explore its interior. The conscious mind, or personality are the outer layers of our being from the point of understanding the soul or essence of our self, or even our subconscious.

There are few things that are truly one way only, everything relative. If you are in physical pain, and you are hurting tremendously, compare that to some unfortunate person with an advanced cancer. Even in this example, there are yet different degrees on the extreme case. This is not to lessen a persons pain, but to put into perspective that whatever one may feel, it is relative. There will always be better and there will always be worse.

One friend who limps and does not have the use of his right hand, among other slight handicaps told me something interesting one day. He was on a bus and saw a blind person getting off. He told me how grateful he was that his handicap was so minor and that he could see.

These are extremes in physical examples to show the concept of relativity. In learning about our mind and how it functions, the main volitional force to its interactions is communication. Opinions are very useful, they help us learn and explore new ideas, but in the times when they lead to conflicts, they work against us. The balanced person has found the state of mind, by understating it and not allowing it to lead the consciousness into negative emotions, to be able to discuss and not ever be disturbed.

There are several layers to achieving the full mastery of the mind in relation to communication. Let us explore one layer at a time. The first is relativity of all situations and statements. Situations are easier to see in different perspectives but the true challenge is to cultivate ones mind so that it functions in a way where all thoughts and concepts, basically all words it hears are taken in and seen in different views.

Words are as relative as anything else in our world, perhaps more so. Statements often contradict themselves, yet are still correct. As an example, to say it is night is correct, yet incorrect. I was in Hong Kong and telephoned my friend in Montreal. It was midnight where I was standing and yet noon for the person I was talking to. The temperature for me was 18 degrees C and they had minus 35. This example is just to show that no matter what we can say or see, its opposite exists simultaneously, somewhere. Likewise, all problems have a solution, somewhere.

This fully opposite existence of all things is the basis of this world, it holds everything in balance. All things are held by their opposite in order not to topple over, as in the North and South poles.

With this concept in mind during all conversations, we can let go of our subjective opinions and allow our minds to open with the knowledge that whatever we believe is true is false at the same time, or rather, true but incomplete.

The key is incomplete. We are all incomplete and knowing that without it being taken as a negative thought but simply as a normal fact that is clear to see, and actually equates us all, we can allow ourselves to be wrong or lack information or skill without feeling inferior.

It is when we feel inferior to another that we defend our point of view to show we know something and have value. That too is relative, for what is the point of trying to prove one is perfectly knowledgeable to equate oneself to someone who is not perfectly knowledgeable. Acts taken for the purpose of placing one ego above another will always lead to conflicts, and war, and waste.

In allowing for the reality, not just the possibility, that when someone has a differing point of view to yourself that they firmly believe in, that there must be some justification to their thoughts. Perhaps there are times that their information is distorted and their beliefs may not be correct, but that is again your own personal judgment and view.

Our minds are like a door on a spring. In order to keep them closed we must hold them against a great tension that is puling them open, but to allow our mind to simply open would be to relax it and our body along with it. Sometimes after the mind has been closed long enough, the spring pulls in the other direction and it takes great strength to open it.

This is where the body plays a part in opening the mind. In a situation where you feel confronted or emotionally weak or that you must prove yourself, basically any conflict, observe the tension in your body. By consciously relaxing your body, your mind will relax as well. There are ways to learn how to relax the body and let the mind follow it which can be easily learnt by anyone. For now, just observe how your body follows your mind and tenses when the mind is closed and fighting a perceived, but illusionary enemy. Then, once you have located a point of tension in your body, focus of that area and release the tension by deep breathing and imagining the letting go of the physical tension. Then notice how your mind is much calmer.

Conflict of mind comes from a lack of understanding why your mind is doing what it is doing, which is unable to decide what is right and what is wrong. With understanding that there is rarely a right and wrong, but just a lack of complete information, then the mind can relax.

A mind that is fully relaxed, calm, at peace can actually see through the many good arguments of any conflict, and will see an ultimate, objective truth. Internal conflict ends when the true realization that conflict and confusion is an illusion becomes not a thought, but a reality.

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  1. Andre February 10, 2010 at 1:54 am #

    David, thank you for this post. Exactly what I need to remind myself and apply this very moment.

    Peace & Blessings,

  2. riya February 23, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    I am so much confused with my inner conflicts, article is kind a eye opener.

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