Congratulations to Ande Schurr

I would like to thank and congratulate Ande Schurr for achieving a monumental task.

After working with you for the past 5 years, your achievements would make any teacher proud.

For his 30th birthday and on the third anniversary of purchasing a $350,000 home, Ande is debt free.

This amazing achievement is even more astounding when you know that Ande did not have a job or income, but did have $10,000 in debt, less than two years prior to purchasing this house.

Not only has Ande paid off his mortgage, but he was also able to reinvest over $100,000 in equipment for his business and get a very nice car.

The need for congratulations is obvious, but the thanks I wish to offer is for being a superb student and example that the principle I teach of focusing 80% on your character and mind and 20% on the business aspects is a principle that does deliver the results everyone else dreams of.

Thank you Ande for being such a successful student and proving by your example the truth that the teacher can only open the door, but the student must walk through.

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  1. Ajay February 29, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    Congrats Ande and David,
    This is great achievement.
    As I know both of you, it’s very inspiring, rather than read about something in book, Great to see real people getting real results.

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