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A hybrid on-line course combining the material of Eliminating Anger and All Is Mind.

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This On-Line course is 6 modules of one hour each. You can watch the recorded videos at any time on line, or join in the next live session. Presented by PeopleSkills.my joining this course offers members on-going bi-weekly live on line group coaching sessions with David so you can ask your questions directly and get personal guidance. This is the best way to join our growing community of like minded people who want to improve their life skills, relationships and work life balance. Please visit PeopleSkills.my to sign up and begin the course right now.  

Eliminating Anger and Stress

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Imagine a life without anger, without frustration, without confusion and, without misinterpretation.

Imagine a life where all conversations are harmonious, without fighting and conflicts or saying things you regret for the rest of your life.

This training is a simple, clear and concise explanation of the cause of anger and conflicts and how to end it.

People who have participated this workshop say that their anger is reduced by 50% or more within weeks. It is an astounding method of significantly improving communications and mastering all interpersonal situations, turning any potentially angry situation into a calm and positive result.

We focus on the source of communication, the mind, and how it interprets situations, often inappropriately seeing things other than they actually are. We will discuss everyday communication and its power to negatively control you, and the keys to disarming that power.

Improve your personal relationships and business interactions within days!

This course is uniquely different than other anger management training as it is NOT about managing anger; it IS about eliminating anger from arising altogether. It is simply impossible to get David angry or feel insulted, and this is a very free state of mind. Anyone can achieve this same state free of negative emotions which means the emotional energy is all focused to positive experiences.

Make your life more positive and vibrant as you set the mood which encourages people around you to calm down as well.

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The course includes a Free copy of the eBook; Eliminating Anger: Don't Just Contain It

What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning in Aruba! We thoroughly enjoyed your delightful presentation. You had us captivated with the perfect balance of "serious" content and entertainment weaved throughout.  Two thumbs up! - Steve & Louise
This course is a must do! It is a piece of material for persons with not only anger management issues, but looking for self development. I deeply appreciate its valuable information and will apply these practices to my life, I‟m fully confident that they would work. - Kyle Richardson Wonderful book. Thank you for your educative approach. It feels good to know that every capable speaking person has a role to play in society. Many people can speak and let every word that comes out add value to behaviour and attitude change and, finally make the world a peaceful place to live. - Abdallah Ddumba

Further study in mastery of eliminating anger in Three levels:

Level 1  Basics of the principles and how to be free of anger and conflict in your life. 90 minute talk on how we get angry and how to eliminate it from occurring.

Level 2  The mechanics behind the causes of anger, conflicts, both with other people and with your own desires and thoughts, and the methods of how to stop self-sabotage and contradictory behavior.

Level 3  How to communicate and work positively and effectively with other people. How to identify the root causes of conflicts with other people and quickly avoid miscommunication from turning into a full blown conflict.

All IS Mind Workshop

Next Course:  April 3, 2016, Auckland, NZ, and live on Skype. To register and details click HERE

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All IS Mind answers the question of why we do what we know is bad for us but do not do what we know is good.

"My Aim is for you to know A.I.M."

This course explains multiple levels and aspects of the mind that are rarely considered or explored. By understanding the hidden operation of how the mind works, you can eliminate conflicts and increase your physical and emotional energy levels.

You may become more productive, positive, happy and balanced. Within a few short weeks you may find that your life has improved significantly in all aspects and that you are doing things that you have wanted to do yet never found the strength or energy to do, and now you are moving forward without any effort.

Many students report that people who had previously been antagonistic to them are now looking up to them for guidance and with great respect.

The exercises taught are designed for the average person who does not have time in the day to spare, other than attending the course.

All exercises fit into a normal working lifestyle.

* Attain equanimity and never get insulted again * Stop reacting with subjective opinions and creating unnecessary pain * Develop a predominant state of mental balance * Increase intellectual capacity, awareness and intuition * Improve relationships both at home and at work * Significantly reduce anger and conflict

I took the All Is Mind course with David Samuel with the intention of creating better communication in my relationship. The information I received in the course has brought a greater understanding of what communication is, where it comes from and how to use it to create a happy relationship with everyone I am with. In just the few short days after the course I find myself reviewing the material and exercises and feeling much more peaceful and happy moment to moment. The course has guided me to see all thoughts and reactions as existing only in me and if they exist only in me then I am able to change them and steer them to a much happier response to most everything that happens from day to day. I highly recommend this course for those who want to live a happier life. Fené, Boquete, Panama

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