Depression Is Caused By Lying To Yourself

Life is a lie. That sounds like a standard statement of a depressed person, but our discussion here is to show that believing a lie causes depression.

Let’s begin with saying that depression can be mild, momentary, brief or, long and deep. Whatever the level of depression you feel, or have felt, a probable original cause is believing a lie of some sort to some degree.

Because this article can sound negative, I would like to ask you to not take any of this as negative. That would be your imagination again. This is so positive if you are willing to open your mind and break the illusion you want to live with, the illusion that has been fed to you, the great lie.

The let down when you have trusted someone or had faith in something that turns out to not be true or not deliver on the promised or hoped for outcome, will often result in depression. The length and depth of the depression is determined by your personal resilience and attachment to the hoped for future.

Usually, when we want something very badly, the desire comes with a level of doubt that we will get it, and that usually means we are closing an eye to the reality, and hoping that all works out the way we want.

The more difficult your life is, the more problems and loneliness you have or, whatever you are lacking to make you happy, the more open you will be to believe a lie that promises happiness.

This is the principle behind a revolution and rise of a dictator for example. The masses are desperate enough they will believe that the leader will change the way the country is run, only to put him in power and find out he is even worse. The same principle goes for the birth of a new religion or false teacher.

The disappointment is depressing and starts more unrest. The world has seen so many of these situations with the French, Russian and other revolutions in the past.

Religion can be one of the biggest let downs in life. The only thing that keeps religions with the promise of the good loving God going is that either the person is bred to have blind faith since birth so it is too deeply programmed to reject, or they are so desperate they have no one else to turn to.

Governments are theoretically meant to protect and serve the citizens. Marriage is supposed to be for better or worse, till death do you part. We all know what lies those and so many other promises are. In recent years, people are more and more discouraged because the promise that if you work hard and save up, you will have a nice retirement, is not at all guaranteed.

Living a life based on lies will result in disappointment and that leads to depression when there are enough repeated disappointments. Finding a partner through the process of dating can become very depressing after so many lies come out with every one you meet. This makes finding ‘the one’ a hopeless concept, and thus one enters all new relationships with doubt and distrust rather than hope and an open mind.

We are faced with a choice; see the truth about human nature and life on earth, or live with your eyes closed and hope for the best as you blindly wander through life.

The latter is what many people choose to live with, but that always brings a letdown.

The truth shall set you free

This ancient saying is a truth. Accepting the truth frees you from; your mind and imagination. It is our imagination that is behind our depression because it lifts us up only to be dropped crashing on sharp rocks down below.

Im not saying we should not be creative and use our imagination. I am referring to the imagination that wants to believe things that are simply not true.

The disappointment is finding out that what we thought was true is ultimately not. That’s ultimately guaranteed when you believe a lie. Then you may either become hopeless because your last hope turned out to be a lie, or you could feel like a fool and idiot for having believed something that you now see was so obviously false that only an idiot would have fallen for that.

There was a man I knew who had gangrene in his toe. He refused to have it amputated and believed it would heal as he was a ‘man of faith’ and refused to accept the truth. It eventually spread and he lost his whole leg. The lie that God would heal his toe only led to a major depression and limited life. But if he accepted the truth that God, if there even is a god as the religions want us to believe, is not going to get involved in your life, and you have to take responsibility for yourself and accept the facts of life as a human, and keep your leg and foot and four toes.

Either way, it is depressing. So the resolution to depressed thoughts caused by believing all the lies is in accepting the truth of the world, life and the nature of human nature. I am not going to point out all the many lies that our world and humanity is filled with, rather, it will be better for you to discover what lies you are falling for that have let you down.

Yes, it is nice to believe that essentially all humans are good, but the fact is that self-preservation and self-interest with all the greed that humans are ruled by, are more powerful than the essential subtle goodness in our soul.

The point is to say; see everything objectively, see everyone objectively as the human animal nature which rules them, see whatever you believe your religion to be objectively, and stop living on hope of the impossible or winning the lottery. Salmons swim upstream, but they die in the journey.

But most importantly, see yourself objectively and when you catch that your imagination has you believing a lie, instantly admit your mistake and move forward with your new belief.

The best method of altering the proportion of lies to truth, to the majority being on the side of truth, is to live based on the evidence. It’s a simple two steps.

Think about this. How many people have delivered on their promises? How many have let you down? How many smart people compared to stupid people have you encountered? How many times has God delivered a miracle without you having actually been the main participant?

Live based on the evidence, treating every situation and event based on the evidence rather than blind hope, and you will find that there are so many less disappointments.

That is the first step towards ending depression and making life more livable. It also makes you far more successful because you will see what is really happening and take action to protect yourself from loss, or move forward on opportunities while everyone else sits back in their dream state.

The second step is simply to take responsibility for your life. Accept what comes to you, what you have and do not have. If you do not like it, then do whatever it takes to change it. You and you alone are the only one you can rely on. The rest are just lucky chances that worked out well, but not to be counted on.

There is a reason for this world to be based on these lies, and that is something you may discover on your own, but you have to first see all this as positive and freeing. The truth will set you free as your eyes open to reality which will be like gaining perfect vision after living near blind your whole life. There is a lot more to see than you realize, and this is called having cutting insight.

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