Destiny VS The Law Of Attraction, And Finding Ultimate Truth

The search for truth is the eternal and elusive pursuit of many people. These truth seekers often believe in one or both of these concepts; Destiny and the Law of Attraction.

Finding truth requires a totally objective view of all things and the removal of all fixed opinions. This is actually logical and indisputable because it establishes two facts. First, that the ultimate truth is beyond our capacity to comprehend intellectually as we are, otherwise someone would have figured it out now and not just go along with blind religious faith, and second, that the human intellectual process functions by reverting to previous experiences to identify the current situation or question thus limiting and restricting the capacity to understand totally foreign concepts.

Let me insert here that truth about anything and ‘Ultimate Truth’ are exactly identical, but not quite the same. Ultimate Truth is a word for God or, ‘what is this life and world and being human all about’, basically, ‘why are we here’.

Truth in an every day sense is for example, knowing what someone feels about you, is that person trying to cheat you in business, the truth about our everyday moment to moment events.

The method to know both truths is the same. It requires you being able to see deeper than the surface.

If one functions as a normal person would, finding ultimate truth is impossible because one will use ones previous experiences to classify and identify, and thus limit, every possibility of finding that spiritual incomprehensible reality.

Thus, the only way to find that which we cannot conceive of with our mind, is to break past the limited way the mind works, and that is done by breaking all fixed opinions.

One breaks the habitual function of living in opinions by challenging all opinions one has, and the strongest most precious ones are the most impactful.

And so I have selected two contradictory principles that the so called seeker of truth, religious person, or spiritual person would usually believe in both equally and adamantly.

First, the principle of DESTINY is that all things meant to happen will happen, and that whatever does happen is meant to happen.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION states that anyone can make anything happen by the power of their thought.

Obviously to believe in both is contradictory, and thus causes inner conflict on at least a subconscious level which will create a disturbance in the mental processes which need to be totally calmed in order for the mind to rest enough to develop a spiritual connection.

This is usually disregarded by the many people who wonder why things are not working out and they are not getting what they desire.

Destiny is actually an excuse for not using the LOA, or at least not using it correctly. It is also a great excuse for avoiding ones fears, not working harder, not putting in effort or making compromises, and allows one to live with fixed opinions which prevent one from evolving while all the time feeling totally comfortable that one is doing the best one can, but it was just not your destiny.

And the way people can believe in both these contradictory principles without inner conflict, is through the principle we call ‘self-lying’ and commonly known as ‘living in denial’.

To resolve the conflict and maintain the belief in both principles, which is the way to actually succeed in all aspects of life, follow these simple explanations.

Destiny can only deliver opportunities. You have to grab them and do what it takes to create the desired results or they will drift away and you will miss your chance.

The LOA can make ALMOST anything happen IF it is reasonable and feasible AND you put in tremendous effort and sacrifice to make yourself worthy to achieve it. Often the biggest sacrifice is your fixed opinions and ego.

And my version of caveat emptor; ‘Never take the advice of someone who will profit from your loss.’

Just look how rich the Pope is, the Vatican, and look how poor the Catholics are, 100 million in poverty in Philippines, the hundreds of millions in South America, and yet they keep following what the Pope says while that keeps them in total poverty. This is just one example of so many right to the new age spiritual gurus telling you to give them money to fund their private jets and mansions.

If you want to master your life, you have to learn to think objectively and see what is right in front of your eyes.

As Christ said, Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And I will add; You have a brain, why do you fail to use it?

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