Different Mystical Views Of Life

The purpose of these principles are to guide any individual towards achieving their goals in work, relationships, spiritual pursuits, personal calm and balance, and life in general.

These principles are drawn from several ancient traditions as well as from my own personal experience. They are presented for the 21st century taking into account the changes and similarities in humanity through the millennium.

The tall straight pine tree does not live long. It is cut for its usefulness. The twisted tree full of knots is left to live a thousand years. The useful will be taken and used by others who are stronger, and there are always those stronger. The useless are left to live a long life unhindered. It is wise to stay humble rather than stand out tall and proud demanding attention and be willing to appear a useless ignorant fool.

Knowledge of Certainty, Vision of Certainty, Truth of Certainty.
Knowledge of Certainty is to know that something may exist. You have read or heard about a thing, but that is the limit of your knowledge of it, it still does not really exist for you.
Vision of Certainty is to have seen a thing and so you know it exists more than merely having heard about it. However your eyes can be deceived and your mind will misinterpret things, so you still do not really know it.
Truth of Certainty is to have fully experienced a thing. Only then will you truly know it.
All else is subjective opinions that are most often wrong. Living based on knowledge and vision alone leads to disastrous results. Only objective truth is the foundation of success. Truth of certainty is constant and permanent and not subject to opinion.

FOLLOW THE MIDDLE WAY – Buddha & Kyballion
Excesses in any thing lead to the eventual opposing excess in result. Find the point of harmonious balance based on the objective truth of certainty. However, sometimes the experience of excess is required to learn where the middle point lies. Seek the middle point but do not be discouraged when you have gone in excess. Strive to improve at all times.

SIN – Buddha & Original New Testament in first written version, Greek.
There is no sin, only missing the mark. If you miss, try again and again working on improving your aim. The word used for ‘sin’ in the first written copy of the New Testament which was written in Greek 400 years after Christ was ‘armatia’, a word taken from archery meaning ‘missing the mark’.

LAW OF RHYTHM – Kyballion
All things follow rhythmic cycles. Some are very short and others so long that they appear to not have any cycle at all. Find the pattern in all things, the rhythm and cycle, then find the point it is at and determine the appropriate action based on its position in its cycle.
Consider also the cycle within the cycle, the smaller rhythm within the greater Rhythm. The cycle of individuals, the cycle of a day to the cycle of a lifetime. The cycle of a culture, of the human species, the planet, and so on.
The rhythm of the greater will effect the rhythm of the lesser. As the cycle of the planet changes its seasons, so the cycle of the individual chooses it activities, food and clothing.

Hot and cold are merely terms to describe a point on the line of temperature. Good and bad are opposing points of any action determined on your personal preference of the result.
When you remove subjective personal opinions of good and bad, then see the line objectively, then find the point on the line that you want to direct the situation to, and direct it objectively based on the other laws, situations can be guided to beneficial ends.
There is nothing in our world that you will not find at least one person to be adamantly opposing another’s opinion. This destroys harmonious balance. Find balance by seeing the unity in all apparent opposing situations and views by eliminating illusory opposition.

ALL IS MIND – Buddha & Kyballion
Anything that can be conceived can be achieved, it is just a matter of time. Jules Verne wrote of the submarine long before it was possible. Flying was a dream that once achieved for the distance of less than the length of a 747 jet was surpassed with a visit to the moon in a mere 60 years. Someone also thought of a nuclear bomb. All things are possible, both creative and destructive based on the power of the mind. Beware of your thoughts.

Humans prefer not to think on their own and would rather take the thoughts of others and live by that. Truth is often painful and humans prefer to live without pain. Because of that they take any rubbish that they are fed if enough other people have also accepted it. Remaining ignorant is often the simplest and easiest way to exist until you die.
A powerful mind can affect the minds of others for positive or negative ends based on the law of ignorance. This is also the key to success and the greatest danger by allowing the strong mind to control and manipulate the masses. Historically our best recent examples are Hitler and Gandhi.
Consider your actions carefully as to who you will affect and how. More importantly be aware at every moment that you too are subject to this law.

LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – Buddha, Hinduism, Kyballion, Law of Nature and many others.
Everything you think, say and do creates a chain of resulting events, one event after the other. Consider everything and project forward to the next moment and if possible even as far as the next hundred years step by step, cause to effect to cause to effect.
To understand a current situation, use this law in reverse.
Consider the outcome BEFORE you take action.

Your actions are not only physical, they are the words you speak, the things you commit to, promise and do. As an example, if you lead a company, all the actions of your employees are your responsibility because their conditions and training is based on your decisions. Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of others that result from your actions. This goes equally for your family.

Words are empty and have no meaning, power or value of their own. It is your personal subjective interpretation of the words spoken that gives them power. Your interpretation will be wrong either completely or partially.

“If someone gives you a gift and you do not accept it, who does it belong to?” Buddha
Aggressive words are a knife put on the table, you must pick up the knife and stick it in your own heart in order for it to hurt you. Words spoken have no more physical power to affect you than what you give them.

All is Mind. Your emotions are in the power of your mind. Use your mind to polarize your thoughts and emotions to the point of balance. Take responsibility for your experience of life and seek the objective truth of certainty in the meaning and the true source of your emotions and moods, rather than allowing other peoples words to be distorted in your imagination thus allowing them to control your emotions.

Your mind will focus on the thoughts and words that you think and speak to yourself and others, thus directing the way you see the current and next moment and event. A negative thought in this moment will give a negative taste to the next moment. Negative thoughts drain constructive energy and produce destructive energy. In order to achieve anything of value we require a tremendous amount of constructive energy so none must be wasted. Eliminating negative thoughts based on the natural law that nothing is a vacuum, naturally and automatically brings positive thoughts.

The power of words is that thoughts lead the words and words lead the thoughts. You will think about what you will say but what you say leads to what you will think next, which then leads to what you will say.

There is nothing that is void, there is no such thing as empty. Void of one thing does not make something totally void, there is always something there. Oxygen, even if called gaseous, is a solid substance even though it is invisible to the naked eye. Such is the universe and all things in it. You may not see what is there, but there is something.

The mind is the same. Mind thinks, that is the nature of mind, it has thought as your body has blood. No blood, and your body is dead, no thought and your mind ceases to function.
Thought is a thing that has two poles, positive and negative thoughts. If you eliminate negative thoughts, instantly the mind moves towards positive thoughts, either in great speed, or gradually through calm, neutral, pleasant and eventually highly charged positive and ecstatic.

You can easily allow your mind to fall back towards negative. As an analogy, negative is lower than positive and so gravity pulls the mind naturally towards negative thoughts, that is a nature of this world. However, once a mind has had enough effort put in towards eliminating negative thoughts, it can reach a point where the balance tips and it tends to fall towards positive thoughts naturally.

There is no such thing as Chance. Everything happens according to Natural Law. Ignorance is no excuse for the Law. When anything happens, if you think it is just by chance, that is to say that you have not put in the effort to discover the laws that have been involved based on the events to create this situation. Look for the cause.

You are fully in control of your life and actions. You can be threatened or tricked into doing something, but you have ultimately chosen to do it. You can be threatened with penalty of death, and you may do something blaming the one who threatened you. The truth of certainty is that you choose to do the thing rather than accept the penalty. You chose to do it, you were not made to do it by anyone other than your own mind.
We can however manipulate and trick others into doing things. This starts a chain based on the law of cause and effect. Understand this principle and you will gain tremendous power and freedom for yourself and respect for others.

Find the irrelevance in all things and its simultaneous reality. See all things in the objective current reality and their ultimate temporary and changeable nature and you can turn all situations into simple events that can be handled without stress and fear.
This too shall pass.
All things are at the same time irrelevant and very important, false and real. Find the temporary reality in the long-term irrelevance and short-term relevance to determine correct action which may be no action. Bring time into perspective to determine the long-term result from the situation before you act.

Find the direction a situation will go in based on the direction it has come from. Actions in the past which have lead to the current situation will guide you to choosing the actions of today as to where they will lead in the future. A decision or action made in anger will lead to a problem.

Determine your goal and make that the master that you serve devotedly without thought of yourself. Do for the sake of doing the best possible for the result to be the best it can be, on its own without personal attachment. Make yourself powerful by removing personal ego and being useful and beneficial to the goal, serving a necessary and relevant purpose if possible.

Be free from concern of what others think or say about you. Do not get effected by others thoughts and opinions about you. Know yourself well enough to accept the truth and admit to it, or pay no regard to what is not real. Your reaction will be the way you are valued.

YOUR DEATH IS IMMINENT – Law of Nature & Tibetan Buddhism
There is no way to know if you will be dead or alive in the next moment. Treat every moment with the importance and irrelevance relative to the matter at hand.
Right here, right now, is all there is.

Pay attention, Pay attention, Pay attention, Be present at every moment.

Make every attempt to have these three in harmony. To think good thoughts and speak negative words results in negative outcomes, the thoughts are wasted. To think good thoughts and speak good words, but to fail to act, makes the thoughts and words worthless and reduced to empty theory. All three are required in order to realise success.

Determine the cost before doing anything. The cost can be in any form so you must look with a very open and investigating mind. The cost can be a debt to others or affect you alone, emotionally, mentally or physically to your person or possessions.

Every thing, material or intangible, items and knowledge, has a value. It took someone’s time, effort and sacrifice to acquire anything they possess as well as everything they know. You must pay for everything you get in some way. If no payment is requested, it is up to you to determine what payment and in what form should be made. The form of payment is determined by the needs and situation of the provider of what you receive. Give based on the value, long term, of what you received. Pay willingly and with great sincerity and appreciation. The value of your payment, combined with the sincerity in which you give it, determines the value of what you received to you. Give correct value to everything.

All things are intrinsically neutral. They become good or bad depending on how they are used and viewed. Know the intrinsic nature of all things as neutral and determine how you wish to view and guide its use.

The universe operates in a spiraling motion. All things revolve in their own time frame, but not on the same level. They spiral upwards or downwards so that each revolution repeats similar but not identical events. Events are adjusted to the current conditions, the cycle within the cycle. Compare the current conditions to the conditions in the past when the similar events happened and determine the next steps for the future to avoid the same mistakes.

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