How To Differentiate Between Ego And Intuition

All too often, we have a thought about something, which way to turn on the road, which number to pick, many things, we get a feeling but then think and choose differently.

There are two separate abilities to make a decision, ego and intuition.

We are all aware of intuition, and the question always remains as to how to increase intuition and also how to differentiate between ego and intuition, basically my intellectual thoughts versus some higher source of information.

When a thought comes to your mind, it can only come from one of two sources, ego or intuition.

To increase the intuition, we must remove ego.

What is the ego? It s your opinions. The ego is much more than just opinions, it is also your illusion of your own intelligence, in a word, arrogance.

Why do you have this egoistic need to show you are so smart? Because you feel deep down that you are not so smart, and you are trying to prove it.

People generally live in denial of their own self-view, imagining that they view themselves highly or all is fine, when in fact they have a level of low self-worth. To hide the low self-view, buffers come up to distract us from our thoughts by hiding the fact that we do not know the answer by making us come up with anything just to show what we do know. Trying to prove we are smart.

The fact is that your low self-view is justified, that is why we all have it to some degree. How can you not think less of yourself when you are shown the lives of the rich and famous, or masters of any skill.

Of course we all have more realistic acceptance of who we are, but there is a part of us that really wants to be that type of person.

In the hopes of covering up our comparative inadequacies, we try to prove we are smart using our own intellect which resides in the ego personality.

Imagine if you knew all the right answers, but when someone said how do you know that, you had no idea. You could not explain how you know certain things, nor can you guarantee that the next question will bring as accurate an answer as the last.

Since you have no idea how to identify your intuition nor control it, you cannot rely on it, and therefore you cannot rest with your knowledge coming from intuition, it is too unstable.

It is your ego who wants to be in control, as egos do, and will keep pushing your thoughts. Your ego takes the attitude towards your intuition of pushing to the forefront of your consciousness with its ideas, leaving the less forceful intuition quietly in the background.

Pick me, pick me! You pick the loudest and strongest voice, which is the one that is heard most often. This is the principle of advertising. Put the ad in the face of the consumer enough times, and when they are at the store, the automatic recognition of the product they have seen the most often will be the one they trust and choose, automatically.

The voice of ego is so prevalent that you cannot hear the voice of intuition as it is far less familiar than the egos voice.

The only way to hear the voice of intuition clearly is to reduce until you eliminate the voice of the ego. Then it is the only voice left and you cannot be mistaken. Until the ego has been put in place behind the intuition, you can at least try to remember what the feeling was like when you had a thought, but did something else, and found the original thought was correct.

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2 Responses to How To Differentiate Between Ego And Intuition

  1. prakash hattangadi August 27, 2009 at 4:40 am #

    so how does one eliminate ego.

    • David Samuel August 27, 2009 at 4:56 am #

      Indeed this is a big question, and a simple one at the same time. As you probably have come to realise, it is not something you can do in a weekend workshop, that is not realistic at all.
      The ego is a complex organ, and we must first come to understand it before we can conquor it. Next we must accept that it mastery comes in stages. One does certain practices to reach a certain level, and then works on new practices, step by step.
      Since i do not know you personally, i cannot say what level you are at and so what exercises are correct for you.
      But i can say to start with you must define what your ego is to you, what are the things you dislike and would like to change. Focus on those items first, perhaps you accept that you are a bit stubborn, maybe selfish, maybe you feel you could be more generous. These are of course merely examples for you to consider in exploring your own mind.
      One excellent practice that is good for everyone is an ancient Indian practice of Karma Yoga. This is a way of doing things for people who you know will not give you any thanks, and in fact may still treat you poorly in response to your generosity and kindness.
      By facing these situations, you will find your ego jumps up to the front of your mind demanding recognition, stating what a wonderful generous person you are.
      Here is where you can catch it by questioning your true motives. Did you do the act to be kind, or for your own egoistic recognition.
      As you explore your ego in this way, by conciously bringing it out, you may start to chip away at it bit by bit.
      All my best wishes, and thank you for commenting. Please consider joining my forum as i publish new articles daily and a new exercise each week. This is all geared towards the taming of the ego and cultivating of inner balance as well as outer harmony towards ones success in any way they desire.

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