Do Not Carry On The Sabbath

In the Jewish religion, there are many rules and religious restrictions. One is that on the Sabbath, you are not allowed to carry anything outside of your house, even a thread in your pocket is not allowed.

This sounds very strange, as this restriction comes from the commandment to not work on the Sabbath and carrying is somehow deemed as work.  Even more strange is that you are permitted to move the furniture around within the house, but not carry anything outside of the door.

The problem with religious people is that they blind themselves to the meaning of the teachings and instead take things literally or just follow what the Rabbi or Priest tells them.

So let us look at the meaning based on the point of the entire concept of religion.

Religion is to guide the seeker to God. That means we have to think about everything as a method of mastering the ego which is what separates us from God.

So now, we can look at this teaching metaphorically as all religious teachings should be.

The house is your body, which includes your mind, ego and personality. This house is what traps you inside rather than letting you out into the open expanse.

Your house, body, ego, mind, is a tiny prison from the vastness of infinite open space, God.

The Sabbath is the day we should not work, or do anything, other than pray and focus entirely on God.

And so the teaching has nothing to do with physically carrying anything outside your house, but that you should spend this one day a week without carrying anything of your ego and all your attachments and worries to this world in your mind.

Leave your body, leave your life, in the house, and walk out free, without any burdens, regrets, memories, fears, attachments. Leave your house to go to the synagogue or church or mosque and pray with a mind that you no longer exist and then you will find God.

This teaching is about preparing for your death as much as about how you live each day. When you walk out of your house, or when you leave your body, do it without looking back, leave everything behind and only look forward with a pure empty mind. Then you will be emotionally free in your mind and heart, and most importantly, your soul.

If you can alter the way you see all things, not just spiritual teachings, but every conversation and every event, as having a deeper meaning based on the ultimate reason for its existence, your insight will develop very quickly and you will find your entire life changes because you will see the world in a new way.

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