Do You Say ‘No’ When You Mean ‘Yes’

Why do so many people start their response in a conversation with the word ‘No’ when they actually agree and follow with agreement.
For example, when asked; “Is it true that ….” and the answer is: “No it’s true…”
I have noticed this happens very frequently, and I see myself do it as well.
Check it out, see if you do this, and see how many people you can catch doing this. What does it mean? Are we so negative, or maybe we are so insecure that we just have to put everyone down and effectively and subconciously say; “You are wrong, and I am right.”
And this is done by starting off saying “No” to say; ‘you are wrong, and now I will tell you what I think which happens to agree with what you said.’
Humans are very confused, and if we do not see this, the confusion becomes the norm, as it already has. When confusion is the norm, how can we ever communicate in harmony.
Wake up and start saying what you mean!

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