Does Changing Words Really Change Anything?

Changing the words to describe situations is a common concept in new age and political correctness culture. The concept is that by changing the word, the subject actually changes. That is simply not realistic since we know that all thought is in our mind. By changing the word or label, we still apply the same mental definition on the new word as the old word. You can start to call a peach a lemon, but it will still taste the same. You can call a problem a situation or challenge, but it still is a problem that must be dealt with.

I just saw a great one that gave me a good laugh, regarding an event some people are holding; “Abundance exchange: $10”. Does anyone actually think that this makes a difference than calling it a fee or charge? You can call it what you want, but either way, you pay to go in.

It only makes more people give them their money, which is the point. They change the word from ‘fee’ to ‘Abundance exchange’ but the customer is still a customer. It does not change the fact that you have to pay an entrance fee.

The reality is the same, regardless of the words you use. Changing the words is just a tool to manipulate the foolish and weak minded into feeling good about giving up their money. In my opinion, I would rather give my money to someone who said, “This is what it costs.” than someone trying to hide the fact that they are charging so they can look benevolent and that they are doing this for free, and you ‘exchange abundance’. I see the abundance going from the client to the seller, but I do not see abundance coming back. You make your own abundance, and that is the real lesson.

If you want to be a stronger person, then you must not fall into a trap for fools, and even worse do not be the fool who is setting your own trap by using different words to trick yourself!

You will notice that people who change words like this, rarely have any great success in what they have given the name changes to. They still have the emotional swings, perhaps even worse, and they still do not make money, despite using lovely words to indicate that they do have success.

The people who make the word change to attract higher sales are the ones who profit, under the guise that by changing the word, the consumer gains greater benefit. Yet those consumers just smile as they give away their money and enter the mass hypnotic state of stagnation. Always remember that the guy who made the most money in the Gold Rush was the one selling the shovels and tools, telling clients that this shovel will find more gold.

No Bullshitting!!! That is my motto for personal success. The words have no meaning other than what you give them. You can change the words but that will not change the situation. However, you can change the situation by the way you deal with it and relate to it. There is no need to change words to change your attitude, that is a smoke and mirrors dream. A guarantee is to change the attitude and leave the words the same.

Let the outward fall away and cultivate the inward awareness of objective reality. Accept the world as it is with its foundation of money and commerce, or ups and downs, but most importantly, that success comes to those who think and act but nothing comes to those who think that thinking alone will bring success.

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