Does Fear Of Love Prevent Finding Happiness

As your eyes focus on one point, but your peripheral vision takes in and registers so much more in your subconscious, so do all your senses, of smell, sounds, touch, and taste. Self-improvement as well as inner peace and happiness can only be found when the fear of love is eliminated. The fear stems from what we imagine what we think is going to happen in a relationship through what can be called our peripheral vision of imagination.

They all take in and register the temperature and humidity of the air, the background noises, etc.  These things are all being fed into your subconscious at every moment, even while you sleep, registering the background environment and making a connection to the event in your point of focus, visually or mentally, and forming a complete opinion of the event.

These are the impressions of the mind, the food your ego feeds on and determines its opinion of life in this world and how to react to events or emotions.  The lower ego then transmits its opinion to your essence.

The problem is that we are feeding on impressions that our conscious mind is not aware of, and the subconscious is making all sorts of determinations and values based on the subtle stuff that we do not even see, and therefore cannot use wisdom to edit or discard as unrelated or incorrect.

You cannot defend yourself against what you cannot see or do not know is there.  You must develop the consciousness of what is entering your mind through the peripheral vision of all your senses in order to filter it in a way that it will not create a negative, fearful view of life.

We are subtly programmed by impressions.  What do you think the violent movies and music are doing to us?  It will not take much to figure out the answer to that one, just look at the state of the culture, kids killing each other, people scared to talk to strangers beyond pleasantries, shallow empty relationships, very lonely young people.

That fear is what is separating us from each other. In much of the world, the average American and their relationships are known for their shallowness.  There is a reason for this, fear.  And where does the fear come from, the impressions that we subtly take in and allow our mind to feed on.

Another good example is the country of Belize.  When I was there over twenty years ago, it was the most peaceful safe country.  Then a few years later they got satellite TV. Now the country has gangs and much crime.  This increase in violence is attributed to the influence of TV and movies that are programming the young.

It is so vitally important for you to edit what you allow your mind to feed on, and then when you begin that, you may start to see the peripheral impressions from all your senses that are reaching you and edit them before they take root.  Through the practices of self observation and not speaking, you will develop the ability to see more of what is going on around you by developing your awareness and quieting your ego.

Now we will explain how anger is accepted as the way to succeed.  There is a section in my book, Practical Mysticism,  that deals with anger for and anger at.  This is important to restudy.  The anger for is valuable, and can be used to fuel us, but if we are not awake enough to know the difference, and to have eliminated anger at, then we will be consumed by anger and destroy ourselves along with others.

If you learn to only have anger for, then you can see how anger can be controlled and used to defeat evil.  If not, it will grow internally as a man-eating weed and destroy you with an ulcer or some other terrible cancer or disease, God forbid.

The media can be used as a tool to educate, but it can also be used as a tool to manipulate to the negative.  The difference is not the content as much as the viewer – your state of mind, level of consciousness and your ability to see the impressions that are being fed to you.  That will determine the quality of food your mind gets and the view of life that you will be dealing with.

Awareness and objective vision is very important in being able to see and separate the good from the bad.  It is too easy to see something as a good lesson and so accept it without question.  But in reality, it is planting seeds of anger and fear.

It could be seen as the knowledge to wash or peel a fruit before eating it.  One way you get good food, the other, you eat pesticides.

Just as a reminder, if you do not devote your full attention and effort to; #1 knowing you do not know as much as you think you do, especially about your own beliefs and opinions, and; #2, Doing self cultivation practices as close to 24 hours a day as possible – everyday – you will not achieve the success you seek.  This is why I have presented so many exercises you can do in a normal life without any detraction from necessary activities.

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