Energy Of Social Contact

We all know that we like friends and companionship etc, but rarely does anyone question WHY we like or need certain things.

We are, a scientifically accepted fact, an electro chemical organism. Which means we are made up physically of a bunch of chemicals which hold an electric charge.

Have you heard about the new charging for phones that you do not need to plug it in physically.  You can just put your phone on the plate and it charges ‘through the air’.  Starbucks is installing these in their shops now so you can sit there and  have your phone charging without the need to plug it in the wall.

Science and technology are slowly catching up to the way the human body works.

It is connected on a psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual level. All these need energy.  That energy comes from other human beings. We feed off each other even if we do not know it consciously.

When out in a crowd in a positive environment, your body recharges.

Our system explains how the body effects the emotional and intellectual aspects. If the body is healthy and full of energy, your mood and mind are positive and sharp. Likewise, if you are physically drained, your mood will drop and your mind will not be able to focus.

What humans neglect is that good nutrition and all the supplements and vitamins are not a full food for the human being. We must have the energy from other human beings and that is only found in being around other people.

It is unfortunately a short lived energy, meaning, you cannot go to a coffee shop once a month and have enough energy to last that long between visits to a positive public environment. You need to be with people every day or couple of days at most.

Being aware of what is really happening helps improve your ability to absorb the energy because you will be conscious of what you need and where to get it. As well, you will not be confused as to why you feel down and nothing is helping. You may also save a lot of money by not falling for the scams pushing ‘miracle’ cures and vitamins.

Ignoring reality does not change reality.

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